Remnant 2: Weapon Mod Build
Remnant 2 provides a wide array of gear from weapons, rings, amulets, and even archetypes, allowing you to tailor your build according to your preferences, whether you lean towards...
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Remnant 2: Invoker Build Guide
 The Invoker is the newest Archetype introduced in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC focused on spellcasting. They can cast spells to inflict debuffs on enemies while granting buffs on allies....
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Remnant 2: The Ultimate Summoner Build
The Summoner is one of the hidden Archetypes in Remnant 2. Summoners, as the name suggests, can summon minions, which take most of the damage for the team. It does cost some HP off...
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Remnant 2: Hunter Builds
The Hunter is the only returning Archetype from Remnant: From the Ashes. It s a long-range damage dealer that focuses on exploiting weakpoints and burst damage and makes for a great...
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Remnant 2: Apocalypse Tank Builds
Apocalypse is the highest difficulty in Remnant 2. It is unlocked after playing through the Campaign mode at least once. In this Remnant 2 apocalypse build guide we will give you...
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Helldivers 2: Top 10 Stratagems
Having the best Helldivers 2 stratagems can ensure you clear more difficult content and gain more stars while you’re liberating planets for Super Earth. You only get four stratagems...
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Warfame: Dante Unbound Builds for Dante and GAuss Prime
Two of our newest entries into the Warframe roster the fast and furious Gauss Prime and wizard Dante. Our newest prime and warframe have alot of build potential on offer lets see what...
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Remnant 2: The Awakened King Builds
Its been a while since the release of Remnant 2s first DLC The Awakened Kings and with the second DLC on the horizon we’ve thought of a few builds to get you ready for world hopping...
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Helldivers 2: Top 10 weapons
Helldivers 2 features a wide array of weapons and weapon types for you to choose from. These range from Assault Rifles to SMGs, Shotguns to Marksman Rifles, and more.  In...
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