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Armored Core VI: A Build for Each Weight Class

While most people have figured out by now that the entire game can be curb stomped by the Gatling wielding tank build this article is for those folks who like a bit of variety in their gameplay. In this article we will show you three builds one for each weight class, so you can either whiz through the game or tank your way through it.


Some of the parts used here are not available early game so feel free to substitute them out with what you have available at the moment. 

The Light Weight Build


A superfast high burst damage build and my preferred play style. With this build you rely on your fast quick boost speed and recovery time to evade most attacks, and you’ll need to evade attacks because your AP is not that high with such lightweight parts. The way this build works is that you whittle away the enemies posture with the linear rifles and plasma rockets and when they are stunned do big damage with Moonlights charged attack. When it comes to low AP ACs one or two staggers should be enough to take them out, but you might need more for tankier builds.

The Medium weight Build


This build might not be that fast on the X and Y axis but makes up for it by its ease of access to the Z axis and having a higher AP. This build’s focus is on sustained ranged DPS which is why we have the upgraded linear rifles Harris, so we can stay at a distance and still deal good damage. The reverse joint legs easily allow us to get airborne if things get rough on the ground and make this build a tough target to hit if you constantly keep bunny hopping. It’s a less flashy build than the lightweight one but is also easier to use for newer players and a more effective damage dealer.

The Heavy Weight Build


While not as good as the Gatling Tank build this heavy AC build is no slouch. This build’s main focus is raining hell from above and instantly staggering bosses with explosive weapons. This build may struggle with fast AC one on ones, but that can be remedied with replacing the plasma rifle with a higher bullet velocity weapon. The Quad legs will let you hover in the air for a long time and deal high burst and sustained DPS from a safe place where most attacks won’t reach you. This is the easiest build to use of the 3 listed here and a great choice for newcomers.

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