Armored Core VI: Beginners Guide to PVP

So after spending days on Balteus and powering through every other boss in Armored Core you’ve finally beaten game, but you haven’t had your fill yet, you want more, so you dip your toes in the PvP and get whopped back to the menu by dual Zimmermans and Gatlings. Here in this Armored Core VI PvP beginners guide we will tell you how AC PvP works and builds how to tackle it, so you can also hand out a good dose of dual Zimmermans to others as well.

How Does Armored Core VI PvP Work

Nest is the PvP mode in Armored Core VI, and it’s where players can fight against each other using their own customized mechs. If you are accustomed to Souls PvP, you can chuck all that knowledge out the window for now because AC PvP is nothing like that.


There are 2 modes in the Nest 1v1 and 3v3:


In 1v1, players get to pit their customized mechs against each other in a one-on-one battle. It will be a best-of-3 or first-to-2 match, after destroying your opponent’s AC, you’ll get 1 point, and there will be 2 minutes per round. The first player to get 2 points will win the match.


3v3, two teams of three players each get to face off against each other. The match will start with a 5-minute timer time limit, and teams will earn points for each mech they destroy on the opposing team. Once a mech is destroyed, players can respawn after a cooldown, and they will also have the option to reassemble their parts if they think their build isn’t doing well for the current matchup. The team with the highest points when the timer expires wins.

Difference from Souls PvP

Armored Core 6 PvP emphasizes fast-paced, omnidirectional combat that makes full use of the mech’s mobility on land and in the air. Players can dash, jump, fly, hover, slide, and dodge in any direction. The combat also involves more ranged attacks and projectiles than melee attacks, although both are viable options depending on the build.

Best PvP builds

Remember that Armored Core PvP at this point is quite unbalanced but knowing From software they will roll out patches to fix these over powered weapons but until then you can use them to make people rage-quit.

Dual Zimmermans


The infamous Zimmerman Shotguns not just good at melting bosses but player in PvP as well. The way this build works is that you get in close and empty both your barrels in the enemy. Provided you landed your shot they should be instantly staggered, and you can clean them up with your shoulder weapons, I recommend the Needle launcher but any high direct damage weapon will do.

Dual Gatlings


The other menace in PvE and PvP. This brain-dead build only requires you to do one thing only. Hold the trigger. That’s it, you hold the trigger and if you have more AP than enemy you’ll just tank their attacks and kill them before they kill you. The back weapons are again up to you, I again recommend the Needle launchers but if you want missiles to make the opponent’s life even more of a hell, be my guest.

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