Armored Core VI: Build Guide to Beat Baltaeus and The Sea Spider

Armored Core VI has been out for 5 days and in true Fromsoftware fashion is making player rage-quit. This time around Fromsoftware has been testing its players’ patience from the very beginning as 2 of the game’s toughest boss fights can be found in the first and the second chapter. Having recently beaten them myself here are the 2 builds I used to beat Balteus and the Sea Spider.


Balteaus: Heavy Quad-Leg


The thing that makes Balteus annoying is his pulse armor you first have to lower that before you can even think of lowering his posture. The GU-Q1 are pulse guns that are on this build for that very purpose, in general gameplay they aren’t that great but in my opinion for this boss fight they make a world of difference. Your main DPS weapons are the 2 MELANDER Laser cannons on your shoulders, when you are finally able to whittle away the bosses armor lay into him with your cannons, and you will eventually beat him.

This boss fight is going to be a battle of attrition. Balteaus is relentless with his attacks, so you are very likely to get hit so being able to tank those attacks is important. Quad legs serve 3 purposes here the first being able to support your heavy loadout, being tanky and lastly being maneuverable. Being able to hover in the arena and moving around will let you avoid most of Balteuss’ attacks especially in phase 2.

Personally I died like 10 time to Balteus with my normal agile build but with this one I was able to beat him on my second run, use this loadout well, and you shall have your win in no time.

Sea Spider: Agile Bi-ped


Unlike Balteaus the Sea Spider is more forgiving in the type of build you can use as he’s not as spammy as Balteus, but he makes up for it by hitting like a truck. The build I rocked was a highly agile build that bobbed and weaved through his attacks. Your main goal here is to get his posture low as fast as you can, so he doesn’t get a chance to use his attacks, the GOU-CHEN grenade launcher is your best friend in this regard, a single well-placed hit and half his posture will be gone. Your shoulder rockets will take care of the rest. We have the CURTIS rifle equipped as this will let us fire at him from a distance as we don’t want to get too close because of his high damage attacks.

You can use a heavy build for the Spider as well as his primary weakness is explosives. 2 songbird rocket launchers should be enough to take his posture to max in a single volley. Then you can whittle away his health with your primary weapons.

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