Armored Core VI: How to Get All the Endings

Armored Core isn’t considered a story focused game but this time playing the game multiple times has more to offer than just trying out different builds. The game has three separate endings with new missions on each subsequent playthrough. You will need to beat the game three times to be able to play all the missions and get all the endings. In this article we will tell you what choices you need to make in order to obtain all the endings.

Armored Core 6 Endings - Poggers Memes
Armored Core 6 Endings – Poggers Memes


To get all three endings in Armored Core VI, you must make different decisions throughout the game. There are three endings in the game: Liberator of Rubicon, Fires of Raven, and Alea lacta Est. The decisions you make when given the choice between missions at certain moments in the game determine how you get each ending. When you make a decision, the other missions in the Sortie menu will no longer be accessible during that playthrough and you’ll have made your choice. Making the correct selections leads to the different endings, and New Game+ also comes into play. Below is a guide on how to get all 3 endings.

The Liberator of Rubicon Ending

The “good ending”. In order to get this ending, you must choose to play the following missions when forced to make a decision:

  • Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3)
  • Destroy the Special Forces Craft (Chapter 3)
  • Ambush the Vespers (Chapter 4)
  • Eliminate “Cinder” Carla (Chapter 5)

This makes Bring Down the Xylem your final Mission of the playthrough, and completing it gets you the Liberator of Rubicon ending and the associated Trophy. If you’re going for this ending on a New Game+ playthrough, there’s one extra step:

  • During Attack the Dam Complex, choose the “Refuse” option when given the choice.

The Fires of Raven Ending

The “bad ending”. To get this ending, choose to play these missions when given a decision to make:

  • Tunnel Sabotage (Chapter 3)
  • Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (Chapter 3)
  • Intercept the Redguns (Chapter 4)
  • Intercept the Corporate Forces (Chapter 5)

This makes Shut Down the Closure Satellites your final Mission, and completing it unlocks The Fires of Raven ending and another Trophy.

The Alea lacta Est Ending

The “true ending”. You can only unlock the Alea lacta Est ending on your third playthrough (or New Game++), so get the Liberator of Rubicon and The Fires of Raven endings first and leave this one for last. To get this ending, make the following Decisions:

  • During Attack the Dam Complex in Chapter 1, choose the “Accept” prompt
  • Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3)
  • Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (Chapter 3)
  • Coral Export Denial (Chapter 4)
  • Eliminate V.III (Chapter 4)

Making these Decisions unlocks the third and final ending: Alea lacta Est and its Trophy.

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