Armored Core VI Weapons Tier List

Whether you prefer to blast your enemies from afar, slice them up close, or unleash a barrage of missiles, there is a weapon for you in Armored Core VI. But not all weapons are created equal, and some are clearly superior to others. That’s why we have made an Armored Core VI weapons tier list for patch 1.02 so you can decide which weapon is best for you.


Tier List

As Armored Core VI is constantly being updated this list is subject to change as new patches drop.


S Tier

  • PB-033M ASHMEAD (Pile Bunker)
  • VE-67LLA (Laser Lance)
  • IB-C03W2: WLT 101 (Coral Oscillator)
  • Songbirds (Grenade Cannon)
  • 44-141 JVLN Alpha (Detonating Bazooka)
  • SG-027 Zimmerman (Shotgun)
  • VE-60SNA(Stun Needle Launcher)
  • DF-GA-08 HU-BEN(Gatling Gun)
  • BML-G1/P20MLT-04 (Missile Launcher)
  • IA-C01W2: Moonlight (LightWave Blade)

A Tier

  • VP-66LH (Laser Handgun)
  • LR-037 Harris (Linear Rifle)
  • IA-C01W6: NB-REDSHIFT (Coral Rifle)
  • IA-C01W1: Nebula (Plasma Rifle)
  • WS-5000 APERITIF (Siege Missile Launcher)
  • FASAN/60E(Plasma Cannon)
  • VE-67LLA(Laser Lance)
  • IB-C03W2: WLT 101(Coral Oscillator)
  • IA-C01W7: ML-REDSHIFT (Coral Oscillator)
  • IB-C03W3: NGI 006( Coral Missile Launcher)
  • IB-C03W1: WLT 011(Coral Rifle)
  • Earshot (Grenade Cannon)
  • HG-004 DUCKETT(Handgun)
  • EL-PW-01 TRUENO (Needle Missile Launcher)

B Tier

  • VP-60LCS (Laser Cannon)
  • Vvc-706PM (Plasma Missile Launcher)
  • BML-G2/P05MLT-10 (Missile Launcher)
  • VP-60LCD (Diffuse Laser Cannon)
  • VP-66LR/A (Laser Rifle)
  • VP-66LR/B (Laser Rifle)
  • HML-G2/P19MLT-04 (Missile Launcher)
  • WB-0000 BAD COOK (Flamethrower)
  • Vvc-760PR (Plasma Rifle)
  • VP-66LS (Laser Shotgun)
  • Vvc-770LB (Laser Blade)
  • WB-0010 DOUBLE TROUBLE (Chainsaw)
  • MA-J-201 RANSETSU-AR (Burst Assault Rifle)

C Tier

  • SB-033M MORLEY (Spread Bazooka)
  • BML-G1/P07VTC-12 (Vertical Missile Launcher)
  • Vvc-70VPM (Plasma Missile Launcher)
  • SG-026 HALDEMAN (Shotgun)
  • EL-PW-00 VIENTO (Needle Gun)

D Tier

  • DF-MG-02 CHANG-CHEN (Machine Gun)
  • RF-025 SCUDDER (Assault Rifle)
  • WUEGER/66E (Laser Shotgun)
  • IC-C01W3: AURORA (LightWave Cannon)
  • KRANICH/60Z (Pulse Cannon)
  • 45-091 ORBT (Laser Orbit)
  • 44-143 HMMR (Plasma Thrower)
  • HI-16: GUQ1 (Pulse Gun)

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