Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – A Far Cry With Aliens?

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a new game from Ubisoft that will take players to the beautiful and dangerous world of Pandora, the alien planet from James Cameron’s Avatar movie. The game is set to release in December 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Amazon Luna. It is a first-person action-adventure game that will let players explore a never-before-seen region of Pandora, the Western Frontier, as they join the Na’vi clans to fight against the invading human forces of the RD.

A New World to Explore

The game is developed by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment studio, which is also behind The Division and The Division 2. The game will use the Snowdrop engine, which is capable of creating stunning graphics and realistic physics. The game will also feature dynamic weather and day-night cycles, as well as a variety of biomes and wildlife to encounter.


The game’s story will take place after the events of the first Avatar movie, which ended with the Na’vi defeating the RDA and sending them back to Earth. However, some RDA soldiers remained on Pandora and continued to exploit its resources and oppress its inhabitants. The game will follow a new protagonist, a Na’vi warrior who will join forces with other clans and allies to stop the RDA’s expansion and protect Pandora’s natural balance.



The game will offer a lot of freedom and choice to the players, who will be able to customize their character’s appearance, skills, weapons, and equipment. They will also be able to tame and ride various creatures, such as banshees, direhorses, and hexapedes. Players will be able to pick fruit and harvest trees and wildlife, which seemingly gives them crafting materials that can then be used to make new weapons and upgrade existing ones. It seems likely that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora might also feature a weapon and cosmetic dying system as well. The game also integrates its foliage into the game’s traversal systems, with the trailer showing the player-character bouncing off mushrooms and climbing retracting vines. The game will also have a co-op mode, where players can team up with their friends or other online players to complete missions and explore the open world.

Just Another Far Cry?

One of the most striking aspects of the game is its resemblance to another Ubisoft title, Far Cry. Both games are open-world first-person shooters with action-adventure elements, where players have to survive in hostile environments, fight against enemies using stealth or combat tactics, and use vehicles and animals to traverse the terrain. Both games also have similar features, such as outposts to capture, side quests to complete, collectibles to find, and crafting systems to upgrade gear. However, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora also has its own unique elements, such as the Na’vi culture and language, the bioluminescent flora and fauna, and the spiritual connection with Eywa, the goddess of Pandora.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a game that promises to immerse players in a rich and vibrant world that fans of the movie will love. It is also a game that will appeal to fans of Far Cry and other open-world games that offer a lot of variety.

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