Best 5 Beginner Warframes for the Duviri Paradox

Warframe, the free-to-play sci-fi action game, has been constantly evolving and expanding since its launch in 2013. The Duviri Paradox is a massive update that introduces a whole new way to experience Warframe.

Duviri Paradox is an alternative introductory quest that follows the journey of the paradoxical Drifter. A mysterious character who is trapped in a Void-made prison called Duviri, ruled by the mad and powerful Dominus Thrax.

The Duviri Paradox is designed to be more accessible and casual than the traditional Warframe path. This casualness makes it perfect for new players who want to jump into the game without being overwhelmed by its complexity and depth. For that reason I wanted to to take the time for the new players joining the fireteam. Tell them about the best warframes to get thier hands on, so their starting hours are easier to get through.



The criteria on which I’ll be ranking these frames is based on the idea that they should be make it easy for an early game player to handle all early game content on their own. So frames like the new Kullervo will not be included even though players can get their hands on him fairly early. But this does not mean you should be discouraged from using such Warframes. If you like the look or the abilities of a frame that you like, go ahead and use them. Most frames will get the hang of in a few days. Also the list is in no particular order so a frame at the top of the list is not necessarily better than a frame at the bottom.




Lets start at the beginning. weather you choose the Warframe or the Drifter path, you’ll eventually have to decide on your first Warframe, I recommend Volt. He is easily one of the most versatile frames in the game and can carry you straight to endgame if you build him correctly. He can buff damage, give a speed boost, even nuke entire maps. Also he’s the meta frame for endgame Eidolon hunting (you’ll get familiar with this later on).




A new players best friend. The first tank pretty much every new player gets. His second ability “Iron Skin” is what will make you fall in love with him, but his third ability “Roar” is what will carry you through early game. Roar is a flat damage buff to your entire squads weapons and abilities. While volt can buff only weapons. Rhino can buff any damage dealing ability you and your squad mates have plus your weapons, while Iron lets you face tank most things early game throws at you. You can farm all of Rhinos parts from The Jackal boss fight.




bases on Chinese mythology, do not be fooled by by this Warframes petite frame. He is a solid Tank/Dps frame but can also be a true jack of all trades. Like volt he can give himself a speed boost and nuke rooms of enemies, but like Rhino he can also face tank tons of damage. And best of all you dont even need to farm him. He’s one of the few rare Warframes that you can get through the clan dojo, provided you can get into one. Getting into a clan shouldn’t be too hard even if you’re not that social, just message in region chat and someone will hook you up.




Like the trickster god Lokis abilities revolve around tricking the enemy. He’s one of the older frames and is quite simple but his simplicity is what makes him great at early and end game. Lokis main gimick is his invisbilty, if the enemies cant see you they cant hit you. This one ability carries him all the way to endgame and carries him well. His Radial Disarm is also great but his invisibility is what you will use him for. Loki can be farmed from the Hayena boss fight.




Before when I said that this is list is on no particular order, but if it were, Wukong would have been on top. Currently he is one of the most broken Warframes in the game. His passive gives him 3 extra lives on top of the 4 you already have and his first ability gives you a super tanky clone that uses the same loadout as you. That alone is enough to put him in a high tier but best thing about him is he is another dojo Warframe, meaning you donot need to farm him. So the ease of acces combined with broken abilities makes him a must have for new player and veterans alike.


Warframe is one of the most unique games out in the market right now and the Duviri Paradox makes it very incredibly easy for new player to jump in and start enjoying this game.

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