Deep Rock Galactic: Endless Co-op Fun

Set in a distant future where the fantasy races are real and corporations mine resources on hostile alien planets. You’re a Dwarf newly hired by the Deep Rock Galactic corporation. Your job? To delve deep into Hoxxes IV and mine for precious resources with a team of 3 other Dwarves. Deep Rock Galactic offers a thrilling experience for players seeking cooperative fun and challenging gameplay. 

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Rock and stone your way through hoxxes iv

The Setting and Story

Half the fun of Deep Rock Galactic is the setting. Taking tolkienesque fantasy and flipping it on its head in a sci-fi action game is ingenious. The highly corporatized world of Deep Rock can be quite bleak if you think about it, your handler makes it obvious from the very beginning that the companies bottom line is more important than your life. But the witty remarks your Dwarf and squad mates make on one another and Molly, your robotic mule for carrying your mined resources, and the copious amounts of  ”Rock and Stone” emoting do a great job at making your hard labor incredibly funny and enjoyable.


Mining is the central aspect of Deep Rock Galactic. Players must navigate and fight through intricate cave systems and extract valuable minerals using specialized tools. Each class of Dwarf possesses unique abilities and equipment, promoting diverse play styles and strategic approaches. There are 4 classes and the game emphasizes teamwork and coordination between them. 


As the Driller, your job is to create pathways and clear obstacles for your team using your Powerdrill. Equipped with a Flamethrower or Cryocannon you can burn enemies or freeze them. For consumables, you have the Impact Axe, which is tossed and deals impact damage to enemies, the High Explosive Grenade which functions as a frag grenade, the Spring-loaded Ripper which will go in a straight line damaging enemies and looping on terrain, and the Neurotoxin Grenade which detonates in a cloud of toxic gas that explodes if ignited. 


As the Engineer, you carry the Platform Gun that can shoot climbable platforms onto any surface. For weapons, you have the Combat Shotgun and Grenade launcher that can be used to devastating effect at close range.  The Engineer can choose from three different grenades. The L.U.R.E., which creates a holographic Dwarf decoy that distracts enemies from himself and his allies, the Plasma Burster, which creates four explosions per grenade, and the Proximity Mine, that only explodes when a medium or larger size enemy enters its trigger zone.


As the Gunner, you are equipped with a heavy Powered Minigun, Autocannon, or Missile Launcher. Your job is simple it’s to keep the rest of your squad alive if you’re under siege by hoards of bugs. You can choose from four different grenades. The Sticky Grenade which is able to stick to surfaces and enemies. The Incendiary Grenade which creates a fiery explosion. The Cluster Grenade which upon explosion launches several mini-grenades which instantly explode on contact, and the Tactical Leadburster which fires volleys of bullets 360 degrees on impact.


The Scout is centered around mobility with the use of his reusable Grappling Hook, he is also capable of placing sticky flares using his unique Flare Gun that can be used to light up much larger areas than the normal Flares are capable of. For weapons, he has an Assault Rifle and a Semi-Auto Rifle. As a Scout you have 4 consumables. The Inhibitor-Field Generator which slows enemies down and increases their damage taken. The Cryo Grenade which can potentially freeze most enemies instantly and the Pheromone Canister which covers enemies in pheromones, turning them into a target for other enemies to attack.


Deep Rock Galactic offers a robust progression system that keeps players engaged and motivated. As Dwarves complete missions and collect resources, they earn experience points and credits that can be used to unlock new weapons, upgrades, and cosmetic items. These advancements allow players to tailor their play-style and customize their appearance, fostering a sense of personalization and individuality. The game also offers a free battle pass available to all players and a seasonal model with a unique theme for each season. The game has an upfront cost but is also monetized with in-game skin purchases.

With its emphasis on teamwork, challenging environments, and unique character classes, Deep Rock Galactic keeps players engaged and rewarded. If you’re a fan of cooperative shooters, Deep Rock Galactic is a must-play title that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

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