Destiny 2: Best in Slot Exotics and Primaries for each Subclass

Destiny has a multitude of weapons you can choose from, even after sun-setting we are a back to point where we have more choice than ever. As a casual player of Destiny myself who more often does not go for a perfectly optimized loadout for the hardest Grandmaster Nightfall or Raid, but a loadout that is versatile and reliable. I’ve compiled a list of the best weapons Destiny 2 has to offer for each Subclass, to help out new, returning or similar casual players.

Subclass Synergy

With the release of the Witch Queen expansion Bungie proceeded to rework each of the old subclass in the vein of the Stasis Subclass, with new aspects, fragments and new abilities in some cases. With this rework came new effects or ”Verbs” as Bungie calls them. Basically they are effects unique to each Subclass, some deal damage, some crowd control, some debuff. These effects were added to new weapons as well in the form of new perks, so there is more synergy between the weapon and the subclass your guardian is wielding.

The weapons I’ll be suggesting will be easy to acquire and do not require and long farms.


Solars defining feature is scorch, each scorch stack burns the enemy and when the stack count hits 100, BOOM!! The beautiful sound of ignition as your enemy and all others around him blow him and spread more scorch to the enemies that survived.

Exotic: Sunshot


One of the oldest and fan favorite exotics. It’s the only 150 rpm hand cannon left in the game which makes it viable in PvP and an ad destroyer in PvE. Its perk is very simple and very devastating, Kill an enemy, and they blow up in a massive explosion. With a recent buff this explosion now also spreads scorch stacks to surviving enemies. Sunshot has a chance to drop from any of the core playlists alongside its catalyst.

Primary: Calus Mini Tool


A returning SMG now with the perk Incandescent, the best in slot perk for this weapon. Each bullet now spreads scorch stacks and causes ignitions  paired with the unrelenting perk this weapon also provides consistent healing meaning it’s viable all the way till endgame.


For VoidVolatile rounds and Devour, one blows things up and the other heals and recharges abilities. 

Exotic: Le Monarque


One of the most oppressive PvP weapons if you’re good at landing headshots it’s just as good in PvE now with intrinsic anti-overload which makes it viable in endgame as well. Le Monarque spreads poison to enemies on headshots which makes it great for ad clear, but with volatile synergy and anti-overload it can deal a good amount of damage to champions as well. You can get the bow from the monument of lost light at the Tower right now.

Primary: Funnelweb


My most used weapon as a void hunter. Look for the Subsistence perk in the first slot plus a damage buffing perk in the second. Subsistence will allow you to have sustained damage as it automatically reloads your weapon on each kill combined with its intrinsic perk Viest Stinger which also randomly reloads your weapon. This weapon is especially great on Void hunters as the exotic chest piece Gyrfalcons Hauberk allows you to have infinite Volatile Rounds and Devour.


Crowd control through Jolt and speed is the name of the game for the Arc subclass.

Exotic: Trinity Ghoul


The ad clear king of Destiny. With its catalyst equipped simply shoot at the ground and watch all the ads in the room disappear. Trinity ghoul isn’t really made for DPS, it’s decidedly an ad clear weapon and that job it performs better than any other weapon in its class. You can get the Trinity Ghoul from the monument of lost light at the Tower.

Primary: Ikelos SMG


One of the most frequently returning weapons in Destiny, and I’ll not complain in its latest iteration the Ikelos SMG is one of the best weapons in this game. Even on its own the SMG is very good, but the Voltshot perk single-handedly propels this weapon to S+ tier. Voltshot makes this weapon into a Pseudo Trinity Ghoul through jolt with the only caveat being you need to reload the weapon to activate the perk, but that can be circumvented by pairing it with the Feeding Frenzy perk making this legendary weapon almost as good as an exotic.


It was the first darkness subclass and the first subclass properly centered around crowd control. Freezing enemies and shattering them to deal damage is the gameplay loop with Stasis. 

Exotic: Cryosthesia 77K


At launch, it was quite a middling weapon but with subsequent buffs to sidearms and an evolving meta it has become quite a contender. Cryosthesia leans fully into freezing and crowd controlling enemies. A charged shot from this weapon instantly freezes everything in a wide area, shattering these enemies can synergize very well with Stasis fragments to make stasis crystals. Cryosthesia can be obtained from the monument of lost light.

Primary: Eyasluna


Probably the hardest weapon to obtain in this list, but that’s not saying much since Grasp of Avarice is the easiest of the dungeons and can be easily soled even by casual players. Pair Eyasluna with Headstone and Outlaw. Headstone is like a stasis version of Firefly that explodes enemies on headshot kills, Headstone instead produces a stasis crystal that freezes enemies in place leading to more headshots and the loop continues.


The newest subclass and another one focused around crown control. Suspend enemies in midair by manipulating threads of reality. 

Exotic: Quicksilver Storm


You’ll need to unlock its catalyst to make it a Strand weapon, but once you do, Quicksilver Storm is a powerful and fun Exotic. Its perk lets it fires micro-rockets, after landing a few hits with these rockets enables a grenade launcher alternate firing mode. These grenades deal substantial damage, with Quicksilver Storm equipped you basically have a special and a primary weapon in a single slot.

Primary: Perpetualis


Envious Assassin plus Hatchling turns this weapon into a sustained damage beast with some light crowd damage. This weapon can currently be acquired from the defiant battlegrounds in droves, so you’ll have this roll in no time.

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