For Honor: New Aztec Hero Revealed

A new hero arrives from the distant shores of the New World to exact vengeance on those who had wronged him and his people. Ubisoft, have revealed the highly requested Aztec hero, “Ocelotl” in the latest warriors den live stream, arriving July 27th on all platforms.

A New hunter from The new world


As the name of this season “Vengeance” suggests, Ocelotl is out for blood. To save his people from pillage and bloodshed he willingly let himself be taken prisoner by the Conquistadors, and brought to Heathmore for execution. The Conquistadors in their hubris lead warriors from the New World straight to the shores of Heathmore. Now, the Ocelotl warriors have arrived and they are hungry for vengeance.


The Ocelotl is a Hunter and a stalker and wields a Macuahuitl and a short spear. The lead gameplay designer described his moveset as fighting a “blender”. He has a fast infinite chain of attacks. The 4 basics attacks light, heavy, zone and bash can all be infinity chained together really selling the idea of a blender and keeping constant pressure on the enemy. The chain ends when the player presses the same button twice, in that case the last attack becomes a finisher dealing extra damage. He also has dodge light attacks and a stalker mode.

The stalker stance is probably his most underwhelming move. Ocelotl goes into a low stance where he has faster strafing speed like he is eyeing up his prey. The only move he can access from this stance is a sole unfeintable heavy pounce. This is quite underwhelming and wasted potential. The devs could make the new hero another bleed specialist like Nobushi or Peacekeeper. The Macuahuitl is quite a brutal weapon, the devs could make the stalker stance a heavy focused offensive stance where Ocelotl could access 3 moves instead of one. 2 heavy dodge attacks and the pounce attack we already have, having these attacks as unfeintable would make sense as on each hit they would cause bleeding. This would add much needed depth to this character’s moveset. 


The stalker stance might be underwhelming, but the feats certainly are not. They are all themed around being a hunter and causing your enemies to fear you.

  • Feat 1: Upon death if you are not executed, Ocelotl can revive himself and enter a spirit realm where he is invisible to all enemies. He is free to move around the map and spawn at a location of his choice.
  • Feat 2: Getting killed debuffs your opponent and reveals their location on the map.
  • Feat 3: killing any enemy gives Ocelotl a speed and attack buff.
  • Feat 4: Pull the enemy close to you by throwing a spear with a rope and cause them to bleed.

Even though Ocelotl has an underwhelming stance, but his base kit is strong enough that he will be good for keeping the enemy under pressure and 1v1 fights. Ocelotl releases on July 27th on all platforms, you can pay to get immediate access or wait 2 weeks for him to be available for steel.

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