For Honor: Top 5 Heroes for Dominion

For Honor is a unique multiplayer fighting game, developed by Ubisoft, pitting Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and other historical factions in battle. With a diverse roster of heroes representing different factions, choosing the right hero can make all the difference in battle. With a new outlander hero coming this month, we will delve into the current top 5 best heroes in For Honor. 

Dominion Mode

Dominion is the primary and most popular game mode in For Honor. In Dominion, four players on each team compete to capture and hold the 3 zones on a battlefield. The more zones you hold and the longer you hold them the more points you will earn in the match. As Dominion is the most played game mode, this list is for heroes that do well in that mode.


Top 5 Heroes

With Ubisoft dishing out two or three reworks every season many heroes that used to be bottom of the barrel are doing significantly better now.



One of the newer heroes he was a bit weak on release but with only a few buffs he has consistently been in the high tiers and has a solid place in the meta. Kyoshin’s main strength lies in him having an answer for almost anything. He has the coolest looking all-guard in the game which also acts as a recovery cancel and has three moves he can throw out of it that deal good damage and pin enemies in place for ganking. On top of that, he has an in chain bash, a neutral bash and in chain undodgeable heavy attacks. He is a highly versatile character that is easy to use but also provides depth for more complex gameplay.



JJ may look old but don’t let that fool you. Being the only proper anti-ganker, this hero can take on multiple opponents at once and still come out on top, provided you know how to use him. Jianj-Jun relies heavily on wide arcing unblockable attacks to keep the enemy at bay. He also has a Sifu stance that acts as a pseudo dodge and increases his stamina recovery speed, JJ is an old man so he runs of breath easily, but Sifu stance allows him to quickly recover it and retaliate instantly with an unblockable zone attack. Jiang-Jun is a solid character  for people who like to jump straight into the fray with multiple enemies. 



“Heby on red” was a phrase commonly heard when Hitokiri was first released. She was absolutely overpowered with fast heavies and hyper armor that kicked in almost instantly as she threw her attacks. Ubisoft then nerfed her quite bit and she sat in the middle tiers for a long time. But with the addition to a dodge attack to her kit and the recent hyper armor buff she has received, I think we will be hearing “Heby on red” a lot more now. 

Black Prior


The first knight entry to this list has no issue negating every single attack thrown at him. He also assumes an anti ganking role and the way he does it is by literally flipping every attack thrown at him with his massive kite shield. Its doesn’t matter if its an undodgable attack or a bash, Black Prior will flip it and turn the tables on you. Outside of that he is quite a bash heavy heavy character, opening up enemies with his shield bashes is the name of the game with him. If you want to make your opponents feel helpless that no matter what they do no attack seems to land, get good with Black Prior.



Our first Viking entry Raider, is a force of nature. All he has are lights and heavies that’s it, but the way his moveset is set up he can easily confuse the enemy by mixing up his attacks and overwhelm them. His bread and butter is the storming tap a move that is now only a shell of its former glory it has been nerfed so much. It is a feinted top light that comes fast out of any heavy and can really catch people off guard and overwhelm them with a flurry of attacks.

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