Helldivers 2: The Sequel We Didn’t Know We Needed

If you’re looking for a game that lets you shoot aliens, blow stuff up, and die a lot, then you might want to check out Helldivers 2, the sequel to the cult classic Helldivers that came out in 2015. Helldivers 2 is a co-op shooter that puts you in the boots of a soldier fighting for the glory of Super Earth, a futuristic society that values freedom, democracy, and liberty above all else. Sounds great, right? Well, not so much for the rest of the galaxy, who see Super Earth as a tyrannical empire that needs to be stopped. That’s where you come in.

State of Play Gameplay reveal

Helldivers recently had a big reveal on the Sony’s State of Play. You and up to three friends can join forces to liberate planets from the clutches of three alien races: the Bugs, the Cyborgs, and the Illuminates. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll need to adapt your tactics and loadout accordingly.



At the State of Play we saw a co-op mission in action. The mission involved taking down a massive bug-like monster called the Bile Titan, using various weapons and stratagems. The gameplay showcased the game’s graphics, physics, sound effects, and humor. It also showed us how challenging and chaotic Helldivers 2 can be, as the players had to deal with swarms of enemies, friendly fire incidents, and unexpected twists. Don’t expect an easy ride. Helldivers 2 is a game that doesn’t hold your hand or pull any punches. You’ll face hordes of enemies, environmental hazards, friendly fire, and even your own incompetence. Helldivers 2 is a game that rewards skill and teamwork, but also punishes mistakes and carelessness. You can accidentally kill your teammates with a misplaced grenade.

Helldivers 2 is shaping up to be an exciting and explosive sequel that fans of the original game will love. It promises to deliver more of the same co-op action, strategy, and mayhem that made Helldivers so fun and addictive. It also promises to add new elements and improvements that will make Helldivers 2 even better and more diverse. If you’re looking for a game that will test your skills, challenge your friends, and make you laugh, then Helldivers 2 might be just what you need. Helldivers 2 is set to launch on PS5 and PC on February 8, 2024.

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