Helldivers 2: Top 10 Stratagems

Having the best Helldivers 2 stratagems can ensure you clear more difficult content and gain more stars while you’re liberating planets for Super Earth. You only get four stratagems slots so you better make them count. Alot of of the time what stratagems  you bring depends of the type of mission and enemy you’re up against, but its clear that some are just better than other. Here is a list of of the top 10 helldivers 2 stratagems.

Top 10 Stratagems


Shield Backpack

This is useful against every foe as it blocks any kind of damage up to a certain point and the recharges quickly. You don’t NEED to use it on any difficulty but especially against the bots it’s just to good to not use it. Paired with the -50% explosive damage some armours have, this will make you pretty damn tanky.

Eagle Airstrike

It’s fast, accurate and hit’s a line right in front of you. It can kill objectives and even heavies in one go as well as groups of enemies. Especially with the Eagle Upgrades this Stratagem can be used quite often during a single map and help you clear it pretty fast.


Even in safe mode this gun can take care of most heaver units though their armour. It can also strip the armour off of chargers, which is probably one of it’s most important functions. If your aim is good, you can one shot Hulks by hitting their head precisely. It pretty much ignores armour and does okay damage. It’s not S+ tier anymore as it used to be though.

Anti Materiel Rifle

It’s really good as it does really good damage and pierces medium armour. This weapons shines especially against the bots. If you aim for the heads you can oneshot every single heavy and two shot the hulks. Also the annoying chainsaw chargers will die in two hits as well. It has enough rounds in the magazine and pumps out freedom fast enough so that a capable marksman can take down a whole squad of devastators in a few seconds. Do not sleep on this weapon. This is not worse than the railgun, it just doesn’t specialize in chargers.

Orbital Laser

It’s auto aiming and can take care of whole camps by itself. It’s limited by three charges but those charges will put in some serious work. It can make titans go away as well as a bunch of chargers. It prioritizes big targets which is a pretty good bonus as well.

Orbital Railcannon Strike

Lower cooldown than the Orbital Laser but no limits on it’s uses. It’s really quick and takes out objectives and everything else in one hit. Only the bile titan will a little more damage to bring down after being hit by one.

Expendable Anti Tank

Low cooldown anti tank busters. These can take out dropships if you hit the engines, strip the armour off of chargers and deal some serious damage to bile titans as well. The railgun and anti tank rifle outshine these guys but they have their place as they can take out objectives as well.

Orbital Precision Strike

Fast, precise single strike that can kill objectives as well as everything else (except for the bile titan) in one hit if it actually hits. Combine it’s low CD with it’s unlimited uses and you got a solid stratagem, albeit with less AOE than it’s eagle counterpart.


If you hit the same leg of a charger from behind it can two shot them. Outside of that it’s accuracy over long distances it’s really helpful in picking of bigger units and letting your teammates deal with the little ones. Solo reload is reasonable fast but will put you in a vulnerable, stationary state. It can also disable objectives at long ranges.

Grenade Launcher

This one is great for thinning out the horde, clearing objectives and all of that while not making you wear a backpack for doing so. Pairs well with the supply backpack because it eats through ammo quickly.

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