Helldivers 2: Top 10 weapons

Helldivers 2 features a wide array of weapons and weapon types for you to choose from. These range from Assault Rifles to SMGs, Shotguns to Marksman Rifles, and more.  In this Helldivers 2 top 10 weapons list, we rank the best weapons in the game. Since there are no bullet sponge enemies in Helldivers 2, the best weapon to use is not often the one that deals the maximum amount of damage. Several other factors come into play, like the enemy type as well.

Top 10 Weapons

1. G-225 Breaker

The Breaker was recently nerfed, but still can hold its own. You’ll find yourself reloading more and maybe missing a few shots from recoil, but this thing can melt enemies that get too close to you, namely those pesky Hunters that overwhelm you.

2. Plas-1 Scorcher

Once players start reaching the harder difficulties and getting to the final page of the Warbond Progression, the Plasma Scorcher is going to help so much. It’s a rifle that packs a serious punch and can destroy armored targets faster than normal primaries, but there’s the cost of self-damage if shot too close to yourself and other teammates.

3. AR-23C Liberator Concussive

The Concussive Liberator is a modified version of the standard Liberator assault rifle, now with explosive bullets that stun enemies. Despite being labeled as explosive, you won’t deal self-damage. It’s more for utility in slowing down mobs and disorienting them, so it’s good for crowd control.

4. LAS-16 Sickle

The Laser Sickle is a solid weapon overall. It plays just like an assault rifle, but with the energy ammo mechanic. Fire it for too long and you will have to reload. So, if you fire this gun in bursts and let the battery cool, you’ll never have to reload. It’s loads of fun and can hold its own.

5. SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary

The Incendiary Breaker somehow dodged the nerfs that the original Breaker did. It may lack some stopping power, but those fiery bullets pierce smaller enemies and are perfect when you’re being swarmed by a bunch of Hunters, Stalkers, and Warriors. Just be careful to not light your teammates on fire.

6. ARC-12 Blitzer

The Blitzer shotgun is the younger cousin of the Arc Thrower. It has infinite ammo, it’s a contender to be an all-rounder, and it can also possibly chain off and kill your team mates. This is the epitome of power creep.

7. AR-23 Liberator

The Liberator is the starting assault rifle in the game and is serviceable and very versatile. It isn’t as powerful as other weapons, nor is it weak. It’s just balanced.

8. P-19 Redeemer

When reloading your other weapons takes too long and you’re in a pinch, the Redeemer is going to save you. As the saying goes, “Switching to your pistol is faster than reloading.”

9. SG-225SP Breaker Spray & Pray

The Spray & Pray Breaker is almost as good as its earlier counterpart, especially with recent buffs. It just lacks a bit of firepower compared to the normal Breaker.

10. SG-8P Punisher Plasma

The Plasma Punisher is quite a solid weapon. It’s an energy grenade launcher that shoots a projectile that explodes on impact. It’s good for mobbing, but it can’t destroy bug holes. Also, don’t shoot this too close to yourself or you’re going to blow up.

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