Hunt Showdown: Desolations Wake Guide

Hunt: Showdown has launched its new event Desolation’s Wake, which will run until May 8th, 2024. The event brings new weapons, special rewards and boosts that can be unlocked with Pledge Marks, a Sealed Cache with numerous Pledge Sealed rewards, three Pacts with game-changing Traits, and four new Hunters with collectable Skins. This Hunt Showdown guide will tell you everything there is to know about the event.

Desolation’s Wake Battle Pass

Just like previous events, there will be a battle pass with premium and free rewards that can be earned through Event Points by doing certain activities during a match, such as looting dead Hunters, banishing targets, breaking seals in the Sealed Cache, or interacting with the unique altars found all around the map that are exclusive to the event.

New Weapons

Mako 1895 Carbine

The Mako 1895 Carbine is a long range, lever-action rifle that delivers a powerful punch with long ammo. It comes with Aperture and Claw variants and can be equipped with Standard, Explosive, and FMJ Ammo.

Caldwell Marathon

The Caldwell Marathon is a fast-firing pump-action rifle that performs best at mid-range. It can be equipped with Standard, FMJ, and Poison Ammo.

New Pacts

Three Pacts are available in Desolation’s Wake:

The Death Pact

Pledging to The Death Pact makes the following Traits available:

Witness: While in Dark Sight, dead Hunters and Monsters are visible and health starts regenerating at a slow rate when close. Also highlighted in Beetle view. (75m)

Resilience (Conditional Effect): Revive teammates in half the time.

Pact-specific Bonus Pledge Mark: Looting your first Hunter will give 2 Pledge Marks instead of 1. All Hunters looted after this will only give Event Points, like usual.

The Lawful Pact

Pledging to The Lawful Pact makes the following Traits available:

Peacekeeper: Dead teammates can be revived at the cost of burning some of your Health Chunks. Looting a dead Hunter will restore one Health Chunk.

Packmule (Conditional Effect): Receive some ammo for all ammo pools when looting a Hunter.

Pact-specific Bonus Pledge Mark: Gaining 30 EPs for the first time will reward 2 Pledge Marks instead of 1. All loots after this will only give Event Points, like usual.

The Primal Pact

Pledging to The Primal Pact makes the following Traits available:

Berserker: All melee attacks do double damage.

Beastface (Conditional Effect): You will not be noticed at all by animals.

Pact-specific Bonus Pledge Mark: Banishing your first Target will give 2 Pledge Marks instead of 1. Banishing another Target will only give Event Points, like usual.

The Sealed Cache

sealed cache

During the event, all matches in will feature a Sealed Cache, a unique Supply Point that will be marked on the map and there will only be one of these per game, making it a high-value point of interest for many as it features rewards only found in this Sealed Cache. Players can use the Pledges they earned for their Hunter to break seals in the Sealed Cache and earn a Bounty Token, which has the same value as the Bounties you get when banishing bosses. This will be a hot spot as many would attempt to get this bounty with their Pledge Marks, which by the way, you need two Pledge Marks to unlock the Bounty.

Master Clue

If you don’t have two Pledge Marks but one, going to the Sealed Cache still has value as you can use that single mark to unseal and pick up the Master Clue, which upon pickup will instantly reveal to you and your teammates the locations of all bosses in the map.

Restoration Effect

If a Bounty Token or Master Clue doesn’t interest you, maybe triggering a Restoration effect for your team will. For One Pledge Mark, a Hunter can go to the Seal Cache to trigger Restoration, instantly recovering any Health Bars your Hunter has lost.

Other Pledge Seal Rewards

There will also be unique rewards players can pick up by using their Pledge Marks. Some will be available in the Sealed Cache while others can spawn on other locations on the map such as the Arsenals, normal Supply Points, Hunting Towers, and Watch Towers.

  • Four Shot Boon – gives the Hunter all syringe shot effects (1 Pledge Mark)
  • Experience Boon – rewards a large amount of experience for the Hunter ( 1 Pledge Mark)
  • Big Cash Register – rewards a Hunter with a good amount of Hunt Dollars (1 Pledge Mark)
  • Full Restock Box – replenishes all ammo and tools (1 Pledge Mark)
  • *Explosive Box – Gives a Hunter three explosive items (1 Pledge Mark)

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