Hunt Showdown: New Tide of Corruption Event is Here

If you are a fan of Hunt Showdown, you might have noticed that things are getting a bit more “heated” in the bayou. That’s because the new Tide of Corruption event is here, and it brings a lot of new content and challenges for you to enjoy. So grab your weapons and your fellow hunters and dive into the Tide of Corruption live on PC right now.


Tide of Corruption

A relic of extraordinary power and mystery, the Murmurstone, was brought to the bayou on the back of Rotjaw during the events of Tide of Shadows. Now, the presence of the stone has stoked the mania of the newly forged Demented Pact and their founding leader, Butcher’s Cleaver. Whispers from the Murmurstone have answered his prayers, and through him the Dark Inferno is released. As flames ravage the bayou, all Hunters must push forward to find new secrets, uncover new powers, and forge new alliances. 

New Wildcard: Dark Inferno


With this update, the Inferno is back to Hunt Showdown but this time, the flames will be featured in a nighttime setting. There will be certain areas on all maps that are on fire, and you will need to strategize your gameplay based on that. The visibility in the fire-laden areas has been improved over the previous Inferno iteration. 

Gameplay Features

Hunter effects

  • Hunters receive fire damage when they get too close to the fire.
  • However, Hunters pledged to the Infernal Pact can acquire the Blazeborne Trait, allowing them to avoid catching fire. They will also be able to heal themselves in the flames!


  • Parts of all maps will be on fire, as seen during the original Inferno Wildcard Condition.
  • Immolators are immune to the fire.
  • Some Consumables, like explosives, will ignite faster when thrown into the fire.
  • While the audio is quieter than the original Inferno, it will still affect the footsteps of other Hunters looking to take you out.


Familiar to those who participated in the previous Live Events, each Hunter has the choice to pledge themselves to one of three Pacts:

  • The Demented Pact: The Demented Pact vow to honor what they believe to be the will of the Sculptor by ascending to become the truest avatars of its powers, the current Boss Targets are impure manifestations, and once they are purged, the Demented will be worthy of taking their rightful place. They embrace the Sculptor’s Corruption.
  • The Death Pact:The Death Pact vow to find out why death has fallen into disarray, there are rumors of things that have come back from the Land of the Dead. They believe that finding the truth about death will lead them to victory over the Corruption.
  • The Infernal Pact: The Infernal Pact vow to fight fire with fire. They will take power wherever they can get it but see no benefit in serving a higher power. Their hearts are corrupted, but it is a mortal corruption.

Each Pact comes with their own set of unique Traits which offer new ways to play Hunt: Showdown. These Pacts unlock special powers and can be strengthened by acquiring Pledge Marks through in-game activities.


Pact Traits

Tide of Corruption features special Traits that can be gained at Supply Points during Missions. You must first pledge your Hunter to a Pact using the Pledge Boxes at Supply Points, after which Event Trait Spurs will appear nearby. Your Hunter must use owned Pledge Marks in exchange for an Event Trait. This transaction is done by interacting with the individual Trait Spur once the interaction is complete, the indicated Pledge Marks will be deducted.

The visibility of these Trait Spurs is individual. A Hunter can only see the Trait Spurs relevant to their current Pact, meaning what you see at Supply Points may differ from what your Teammate sees.

Demented Pact

  • Acolyte (1 PM): Acquire a random Trait and some Hunt Dollars when you or your team picks up a Clue.
  • Remedy (2 PMs): Using Dark Sight, interact with a Trait to trigger a Restoration effect similar to banishing for your team’s Hunters. (25m) (Burn Trait)
  • Ghoul (Conditional effect): Damaging Boss Targets or Wild Targets restores a small amount of health. (Hunter must be Pledged to Demented Pact)

Death Pact

  • Witness (1 PM): While in Dark Sight, dead Hunters and monsters are visible and health restoration is marginally increased when close. Also highlighted in Beetle view. (75m)
  • Relentless (2 PMs): Your Hunter won’t lose a Health Chunk when downed. (Burn Trait)
  • Vulture (Conditional effect): Looting a dead Hunter will restore one Health Chunk in exchange for 1 Pledge Mark. (Hunter must be Pledged to Death Pact)

Infernal Pact

  • Blazeborne (1 PM): Health restoration is greatly increased while in flames and you can’t catch on fire.
  • Rampage (2 PMs): Killing an enemy Hunter while at least one Health Chunk is empty triggers a Restoration for your Hunter. (Burn Trait)
  • Bloodless (Conditional effect): Bleeding stops automatically because your wounds are cauterized, 1s after bleeding starts. (Hunter must be Pledged to Infernal Pact)

New Weapons

  • Baseball Bat
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Cyclone
  • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision 
  • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision Deadeye
  • Springfield 1866 Bayonet
  • Bornheim No.3 Silencer
  • Berthier Mle 1892 Marksman
  • Fire Beetle (consumable)

A new Battle Pass is also available for Tide of Corruption. Unfortunately, at this point, Tide of Corruption has not appeared on Xbox or Playstation yet, so many fans of the production are not happy about it. On the official profile of Hunt: Showdown on the X/Twitter, it can be noted that the developers do not yet know when the event will land on the live servers on consoles. They claim that they are working hard to make it appear as soon as possible.

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