Hunt Showdown: Tide of Shadows Event

Hunt Showdown has recently launched a new event called Tide of Shadows, the first in another trilogy. The new event adds lots of new content and features to the game. The event will run from June 28, 2023, to August 23, 2023. It will introduce a new roaming boss, a new battle pass, new pact traits, new weapons and more. Here is everything you need to know about the Tide of Shadows event in Hunt Showdown.

New Wild Target: Rotjaw


After months of requests, Crytek have finally delivered. The main attraction of the event is the new wild target, Rotjaw or Rodger, as the community calls it. Rotjaw is a massive alligator, corrupted by a strange energy, which it will harness to slow down and damage your hunter. Unlike regular boss targets, Rotjaw does not have a fixed lair, but roams the open waters of the bayou. Even tracking the boss is different from tracking the normal 4 bounties. Interacting with its clue actually points towards its general direction, you must use the compass to find its exact location. This new way of tracking makes one feel like you are actually hunting down a target. The tracking system for the other 4 bosses works well, but now it seems a bit too simplistic. Hopefully Crytek is able to implement a similar system for the older bosses.

Fighting the Beast

Rotjaw can only be encountered at three times of the day: Night, Serpent’s Night (a returning time of day from a previous event) and the new Thundershower. When Rotjaw is defeated, banishing it will take half the time. Rotjaw will yield a single bounty token and alert all other hunters on the map. Just because Rotjaw has less health and has a shorter banish time, don’t assume it is a pushover. Rotjaw is only weak to melee, so you’ll need to come face to face with it in the water to deal any significant damage.

When Rotjaw has taken significant damage, it releases puddles of electric energy that slows down your hunter and drains stamina. Its charge attack has the potential to easily 1 shot even slightly low health hunters. All this while you’re also worried about getting third partied by another squad. Safe to say, you’ll have your hands full when fighting Rodger.

New Wildcard: Thundershower

With the arrival of Rotjaw comes an unnatural rainstorm to the bayou, and I’ll tell you, if u don’t like fog maps, thundershower is way worse. Unlike the wildcard conditions of the previous “Moon” trilogy of events, this new wildcard condition significantly impacts gameplay. Visibility is reduced to only a few meters just like fog maps, and all other sounds are muffled under the sound of the pouring rain. Crows and ducks all fly away, giving you a good jump scare, and all your fire based consumables become useless. If u have a strong enough PC, running Hunt Showdown on the highest setting is a sight to behold. Crytek have always done great work with the atmosphere in this game but, with this wildcard, they have outdone themselves.

The new wildcard brings dynamic weather to Hunt. Matches start with light rainfall, the reflections and godrays looking stunning. Slowly the weather takes a turn and the downpour becomes worse reducing visibility but, looking no less beautiful. You can be sure that we’re going to see a lot more of these dynamic weather events in the future. With the new engine update and map slated for 2024.

Tide of Shadows Battle Pass

The event also comes with a new battlepass. The battlepass is divided into the free and paid tier. All the new weapons and consumables are in the free tier and their skins in the paid tier. So there is no pay to win involved, and the pass can be progressed fairly quickly by simply playing the game, collecting points by interacting with the newly placed ship alters around the map, and completing weekly challenges.

New weapons and items

The battlepass contains 3 new weapons and 2 new weapon variants.

  • The Drilling rifle, a triple barreled rifle, 2 firing medium ammo and the third a shotgun shell.
  • The LeMat Uppermat revolver, a more powerful variant of an existing weapon in the game.
  • The Winfield Slate Riposte, an existing shotgun in the game but now with a bayonet attachment.
  • The Caldwell Model 92 New Army Swift, the New Army with a speed loader.
  • The Railroad hammer, an equipable variant of the sledgehammer that can be found in the map.

New items and ammo types have also been added to the battlepass. New custom ammo for the Hand Crossbow: Dragon Bolt, New custom ammo for the Bomblance: Waxed Frag Charge. The new items include the Choke Beetle, Medical Pack and the Tool Box.

The new event is a hefty package that brings a lot of innovation to Hunt Showdown and sets the stage for future updates and improvements to Cryteks extraction shooter. Hopefully with the new engine update we get to see far more drastic dynamic weather events and finally that snow map that the community has been requesting for so long. You can read the detailed patch notes for the event here.

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