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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: a thrilling wave of action

This isn’t an outright review, but more so just my thoughts on the Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 that just finished airing. Perhaps this is more of a personal quirk, but to me Jujutsu Kaisen feels more like a modern day Bleach, which is both a good and bad thing. It’s good because the pacing is a lot better, the characters seem to have more personality, and there is more of a defined plot.

But at the same time, after experiencing too many narratives within games, shows, movies, animes, and books, Jujutsu Kaisen is just too much of the same. It’s the new generation’s Bleach, and that’s okay. The spirits are just hollows, domain expansion is bankai, and so on. It’s not so one to one, and the overall scope seems a bit bigger but mostly it just seems like a typical, shonen action anime.

I find myself as odds because I quite enjoyed the first season for the same reason. Perhaps the Shibuya Incident was so overhyped, both in person and online, that I had no idea what to expect except that it was supposed to be good. And while it was good, it was just too much action. The Toji and Sukuna stuff was good, and even the Mahito fight was decent, there’s just no plot progression or breathing room to build hype. It just all happens all at once.

Some part of me wanted a scene with Geto, Gojo, Toji, and Sukuna all facing each other. I think the hype parts when built up are actually cool. So when we saw Toji at the beginning of the season, only to later return and face Megumi, that felt like a real plot point waiting to happen, and it felt good. Though I did want some more.

Now, some spoilers.

I think some of the decisions are just in poor taste, especially the one to just kill off Nanami and Jogo. They seemed so underutilized and both could have been much more interesting as more developed characters. Geto already died in the movie so that was a little disappointing so it’s good to know that atleast we’re getting a more interesting version of him.

Also, the elephant in the house… Gojo is such weird character for how strong he is. He’s cool and all, but the series just doesn’t work with him, but if he exists and is just going to be trapped, what’s even the point. He’s a hard character to relate to as well because he just knows everything and doesn’t find anything difficult.

Overall, it was a good season, but I didn’t exactly care for it. It’s just hard to connect with a show that’s just going to kill off everyone while also barely moving the plot.

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