Lethal Company: Monster Survival Guide

In the world of Lethal Company, you find yourself a corporate contractor for “The Company”, scouring abandoned moons while dodging traps, hazards and nightmarish creatures’ intent on ruining your day. If you’re tired of staring at your friends through a spectator’s screen. This Lethal Company beginners guide goes deep into how to survive each creature.

Indoor Creatures


If no shovel, proceed with caution and try not to get in their range. With a shovel, looter bugs and snare fleas are easily disposable. Looter bugs get mad if you loot in front of them, go near them, or walk towards their nest. Like their name implies, they take any loot on the ground. Snare Fleas will suffocate you when jumping onto you. They make you drop all your items, so make sure you pick them back up! If you have a shovel on you and some friends. Drop your shovel to your friend and let him smack the bug before you die. Snare Fleas take a few shovel hits while a Looter bug takes 4-5. 

If you see a cobweb there is a spider nearby! Don’t touch it you will alert the spider! don’t get caught by the spider or you’re dead in 1-2 hits. Unlike other monsters it gets aggroed only if you go near it or its territory. These lil creepy crawlies are slow, So that means run and pray to god nothing else is in between you and your exit! They are also able to go through vents, so don’t be surprised if they’re blocking your way out. The best way to handle these lil buggers are stun grenades and a shovel. So if you desperately need to, you can kill it in 6-7 hits. But from my experience, it’s often best to run around or not bother them at all.


These legless sprinters excel at chasing their prey through long corridors and try to make you run through them by making loud noises. They struggle to turn, so make sure you take many turns to get away from them and make the distance between you and them longer. These guys usually 2-3 shot you But with a shovel you can also 3-4 shot them back. Have one person lure them and take 1 hit, while the other stun locks them and kills. 


This pile of goo is easily dodgeable. Don’t open any doors this slime is behind and don’t walk through it. If anything, Jump on an elevated object like rails or boxes or if trapped, try to jump through it. You won’t escape unharmed but you will escape with your life.

Coil head

These guys will kill you the second you look away from their creepy bodies. As long as they are in your field of vision they can’t move. They also move depending on the light level around them and how well you see them. Meaning if it’s dark you may get a little more close and personal with them. Closing doors are said to help but from my experience they go through doors. Donot hit them with the shovel. They do not like that and will move slightly to kill you even when looking at them.  If they block your doorway, look away slightly and turn back immediately to get them in a more favorable position. Later levels will find you having to deal with multiple of them at the same time so it’s best to get used to them now. Sometimes if you’re unlucky, multiple will spawn in around your surrounding rooms while you’re going about your business.  When you do look away, you have at most a second before they B-line it to snap your neck. If you’re stuck at the end of a level trying to get out with a coil head watching you. Position the coil head or heads so they’re in your peripheral vision while you exit the area. These guys are usually manageable under a calm mind. If you did die to one, it’s often due to your own panic or somebody else’s panicking.

Flower Man

A humanoid that lives in the dark. The only thing announcing his presents is his footsteps, eyes, and when he opens doors. Constantly looking around you will help you not die from this guy as videos prove that sometimes it looks like he just spawned out of thin air. Just like spiders and snare fleas, this guy can travel through vents and run at you. When he runs, it’s slower than a coil head but definitely as fast as a thumper. Like a coil head, He can snap your neck in stalking mode if you don’t ever look at him but there are a few ways he’ll go from stalking mode to attacking mode. 

  • If you approach him to closely
  • If you stare at him for too long
  • If you corner it with your buddies

Once he’s in attacking mode, he won’t stop until you’re either out of the dungeon or you’re dead! When seeing Flower man, run away while looking at him and hope he doesn’t get triggered. If you have a ZapGun, You can kill these nightmares with the shovel or stop sign so make sure you don’t miss it when you use the stun gun, Otherwise, you may see him putting his hands around your head.

Spore Lizard

These giant catfish looking monsters will almost 100% give you a scare your first few times playing. These giant things tend to run around dungeons and open their gaping mouth to intimidate any company employee that walks in sight of one. But this is basically just a threat and it’s basically pretty harmless. It will slowly crawl back into the shadows, UNLESS you corner it. If you corner it, it will spray out pink fumes from its mouth that will mess with your visibility. This guy does little damage with a bite. But ultimately, this guy is like your little goofy walking friend in the dungeon and you’ll definitely be happy you didn’t run into a more hostile monster wanting to kill you.


A small jack-in-the-box with legs. It’s so small some would even call it cute. Well it’s not. Run out of the dungeon as soon as possible. When it generates, it wanders around until it comes across a worker and when it does come across a worker, that is when its gimmick begins. Like Flower Man, this thing has two different modes. 

In-the-box mode: This is when you first find the jester. It comes walking at you slowly and follows you around for sometime. It knows your location from here on out, so it’ll always be tagging along. You can’t kill it and you can’t leave it. It sits in this state for a small amount of time(around 20-40 seconds) until it stops and starts to wind itself up. After it has finished winding itself, it has entered its killing mode.

Killing mode: This is the run ender. When in its killing mode, a giant skeleton head pops out of the box after it finishes winding. This nightmare still knows exactly where you are and will head for the closet player’s location. When it’s chasing, it will slowly build up in speed and end up eventually being faster than the player. When it does reach you, it is an instant kill. It’s a run ender for exactly this reason. There’s no hiding nor running and in the end you’ll be chased down and killed unless you leave the dungeon. 

Best way to deal with this lil guy is just nope out of the run before he turns into his kill phase. The only reason I could see a team sticking around, is if the run is so good and they know the way out as quickly and efficiently as possible. But be careful, If you run the wrong way in a higher hazard moon or just mess up going to the exit, you might end up in between a deadend and kill mode jester. 

Ghost Girl

After all the unspeakable horrors we’ve seen in this game. This girl might top it. She wears a red dress with polka dots and haunts a SINGLE player at a time. Nobody else can see the girl, not even on cams, Until they start to get haunted. There are for sure signs that you are being haunted by said ghost girl. 

The signs that the girl is haunting someone is…

  • Flickering lights
  • Giggling or heavy breathing
  • hearing becoming muffled or distorted in anyway

From how my friends and I saw it, she doesn’t immediately go for the kill and will have a period of time when she just haunts and toys with you. It’s after this time when she becomes dangerous. When she’s skipping at you, run in the other direction! This is when she’s going in for the kill/decapitation! She’s not extremely fast but not slow either and if you find yourself with too much loot you might wanna drop it to save yourself! Unlike Jester, you can continue the run because she haunts a single player. But because of that your attention will be on her most of the time instead of the dungeon itself. It is also said that she can go outside and continue to haunt and kill you, making her the only monster to be able to kill anywhere on the planet. This is why she is basically a run ender. Nobody wants to continue a run where you’re getting stalked the whole mission and lose your scrap because of a domino effect she caused. Especially in the higher moons she spawns in. Focus is key when it comes to those moons and spending it on her is an easy way to die.

Outdoor Creatures

Blind dogs

A ship operator’s worst nightmare. Distraction noises and crouching will be your best friend. Crouch slowly and never panic when one is looking right at you. They don’t have eyes and are heavily sound dependent. If one does hear you and you don’t think you can close the door in time, do not go inside the ship! They can and will go inside the ship and make it harder for everyone else to get off the planet. If you’re in a situation where you and your bud come back and find Blind dogs sniffing your ship. Keep calm and don’t speak through the mic, don’t make any noise(including walkie talkies) unless you wanna attract them. If you have an item like a boombox or toy, turn it on and drop it. As a ship operator, if you’re still alive, to get them away from you buy an item(like 1 walkie) and use that noise from the delivery pod to occupy the dogs. Or if they are about to get into the ship, immediately close the door, then use a loud horn to direct them to the front of the ship. These ways will distract them for a small amount of time. When one is alerted, most of the other blind dogs around it will also be alerted. They leap at any noise multiple times to attack it. if you are heard and one charges at you directly, run horizontally and you may dodge their leap then crouch quickly while they recover. You can hide on top of the ship(careful of giants) or hide under the ship on some planets to dodge these guys.

Forrest Men

These things may not be smart, but they’re stronger than anything you’ve seen before. Unlike the blind dogs, these things have eyes and get alerted by most movements. You’ll hear them before you see them and if you do see them, your ship will protect you. Get inside immediately and stay away from the entrance. They can’t grab inside, But they are said to have Blind dogs accompanying them from time to time. If you get grabbed, in the most recent patch(V40) you can still save your crew mates! You can teleport your friend before he gets eaten OR stun the giant. Stunning the giant will momentarily stop them and drop your friend before he gets turned into a paste.

Giant Worms

Hear the ground shaking under your feet or a giant moaning noise? Drop your two handed item and run before the dessert worm kills ya. It gives you a second but I mean, Best to lose an item over the item and you(20% credit loss). On the camera’s these things will appear as GIANT red dots. 

Baboon Hawks

The in-game equivalent of “Bullies”. A nocturnal monster that varies in size and doesn’t kill you on sight! But it does square up! Most of the time you find it, they’ll be alone at first. During this time it will jump around you and quickly go into its “threatening stance”(seen in the first picture) If you do find one alone, you can easily just walk around and as long as you don’t go inside its territory or near it(cornering it) it won’t try to kill you. However, if they see you alone walking back to the ship, it may try to take your in-hand item away by punching you until you drop it. If it does take your item, You and a friend will have to walk towards it until it drops it. If you out number the amount of baboon hawks they will also back up until against a wall. When against the wall, they take a threatening stance and will attack you if you come near them. You may feel all big and tough during this time, but it won’t last for long. These guys are pack hunters. Meaning if they have more numbers than you, they will “jump you” and 2-3 shot you. They can be stunned and outrunned but if you have things they will keep coming after you until you drop them. If you make them mad and they chase you, run and hope none of the other nocturnal monsters are in your way! But then again, if you’re out when these guys are grouped up you kinda deserve what comes to you next. (SPECULATION NEXT) These guys were introduced on the same patch blind dogs can be killed. In their bestiary, it says they will hunt animals bigger than them if they are desperate. So It may be possible to get them to kill blind dogs somehow but I don’t know if that’s possible yet.

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