Overwatch Genesis

Overwatch Genesis could Start an Extended Cinematic Universe

Keto Cinema: Overwatch Sparks Hype with a Short Anime Series

Overwatch Genesis – Part One: Dawn is an animated show which releases on 6th of July, 2023. It appears to shed light upon the details of the mysterious Overwatch period of the Omnic Crisis.

The Omnic Crisis was a huge war between the humans and Overwatch as the AI constructs, dubbed Omics, revolted to gain their freedom. This event exists as a huge gap within the Overwatch lore and story continuation as it’s been teased parallel to Overwatch’s origins. These heroic personas came together to stop this sudden uprising among the robots, especially as its inception rose due to the negligence of Torbjorn Lindholm (one of the creators of the omnics). This event has remained an anticipation for the audience up until now!

Overwatch Archives used to be an in-game event which featured past missions from Overwatch history. Yet, this gameplay event only gave us bits and pieces, especially as they were all over the place. Overwatch Genesis is finally going to answer some of those questions. The term ‘Genesis’ implies that we’ll witness a glimpse of what started this war between flesh and steel. This is due to that fact that each of the three episodes is only around 5 minutes in length.

Overwatch Genisis - Tracer Uprising
Overwatch Genesis – Tracer in Overwatch Archives Uprising

Overwatch Genesis can Blood an Extended Universe

While Overwatch Genesis is short, it may actually be a one-shot attempt to gauge interest in the Overwatch universe. There are many stories to tell with its rich cast, and something akin to Netflix’s Castlevania or Arcane. The launch of a cinematic or extended universe of more Overwatch content. This does not have to be limited to animation either. We already have novels, short stories, and comic books, but we can get a more linked story line between such media.

Overwatch 2’s PvE campaign missions and story was supposed to be our deep dive into cool heroic moments and emotional character development. But ever since Blizzard scaled back the scope for the PvE to invest into the PvP live-service, much interest in the story diminished. Normally, hoping for quality Blizzard additions can be a slippery slope, but Overwatch Genesis hold some spark. The push for a narrative driven surprise means they have plans for something bigger. And with the public’s interest, the approval of a much larger project could be a few months away.

Overwatch Genesis does not just mean an elaboration of the Omnic Crisis, but a story about what Overwatch is. It’s an opportunity to learn more about how Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76), Ana Amari, and Reinhardt Wilhelm founded Overwatch. But more importantly, it can lead up to the rift and falling between Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes (Reaper). The variety in types of stories or character interactions and dynamics is endless which only fuels more interest in the game itself.

Overwatch lies between a rock and a hard place, and so this is a win it definitely needs. Yes, it isn’t the full on animated series we wanted, but it’s in the right direction.

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