Payday 3: Best weapon in each class

You know what they say: the best offense is a good defense. Some people swear by assault rifles, others by shotguns, and some by pistols or sniper rifles. But we’re not here to judge. We’re here to help you find the best weapon for your style of play. Whether you want to spray and pray or snipe and wipe, we’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for the best weapon in each class in this Payday 3 best weapons list.


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Guns in Payday 3 do not disappoint in their design and are incredibly satisfying to use. There many guns to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. But which ones are the best in each class?

Assault Rifles: CAR-4


Assault rifles are the most balanced weapons overall, with a nice balance between firepower, range, rate of fire, and accuracy. They are the standard weapon class, you cant go wrong with them. The CAR-4 is not only the base assault rifle in Payday 3, and is everything you need to get the job done. This weapon has the most balanced stats overall in the game and won’t let you down in any situation. Its customizable features, including various attachments and modifications, allow players to tailor the CAR-4 to suit a wide range of roles, from precision long-range shooting to close-quarters combat.

Pistols: SP Model 11


Pistols are the standard side arms, and while they are known for being an emergency weapon in most first-person shooters, here in Payday 3, sidearms take a significant role, especially during stealth runs. If you are looking for a pistol to assist you in your stealth runs that carries excellent firepower, the SP Model 11 is is for you it is a big-cartridge weapon capable of one-shotting basic enemies if you hit a headshot. The SP Model 11 is, hands-down, the most powerful pistol in the game and is excellent for both stealth builds in Payday 3 and loud runs in this game.

Shotgun: Reinfeld 880


Shotguns are the best weapons for those who want heavy firepower at close quarters. Shotguns are devastating at really close ranges and will make you a formidable player, but will make you struggle at longer ranges. The Reinfeld 880 is one of the most potent shotguns in Payday 3 that will melt enemies at close ranges. While this shotgun has a slow rate of fire, in the right hands, it can become your best friend when dealing with heavy enemies in close-quarters combat.



Sub-machine guns, just like shotguns, are good, close to medium-range weapons that usually have an excellent fire rate in exchange for poor recoil. If you are not really into shotguns and are more into accuracy through volume at a medium to close range, then sub-machine guns are the way to go. The FIK PC9 is a sturdy sub-machine gun with assault rifle features that improve the range compared to other weapons. Not only does this gun offer a heavy rate of fire, but it also decent recoil control, stability, and handling. Moreover, this gun really shines only after you unlock the required attachments for it.

Marksman: SA A144


Marksman rifles are what you want to equip if you love one-shot kills and have good aiming skills. Marksman rifles thrive at medium to long-range and will one tap most enemies in Payday 3. SA A144 is arguably the best weapon in Payday 3 no matter what heist you intend to complete or what type of combat prefer. It features overwhelming damage output and can one-shot any basic enemy if you hit them in the head. While the other weapons in this class are great, the SA A144 can be unlocked very early in the game.

Revolver: J&M Castigo 44


While there are only two guns in this category, it’s excellent if you crave firepower by your side. This weapon type is perfect for intense encounters, as suppressors cannot be equipped. Get ready for some serious action if you opt for a revolver for your main weapon. J&M Castigo .44 represents an old-school type of revolver we all love. As usual, it takes a lot of time to reload it and the number of bullets you have is quite limited, but it only takes a few shots to kill any basic enemy. This revolver offers excellent damage and can be a great option in emergencies where you must rely on your sidearm and deal with heavy enemies.

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