Payday 3: How many heists will Payday 3 have?

If you’re a fan of robbing banks, shooting cops and wearing clown masks, you’re probably excited for Payday 3. The game is set to release soon and promises to deliver more thrilling heists and adrenaline-pumping action. But how many heists will you be able to pull off in the game? And how many more will be added in the future updates? That’s what we’re here to tell you in this article.


Heists at launch

We have some good news for you: the game will feature 8 heists at launch, and 4 more as part of the season pass. They are all set in the New York City, and are designed to be long and varied. You won’t get bored of robbing the same bank over and over again, because each heist will have different enemies, and outcomes depending on your choices and actions. You’ll have to adapt to changing situations and work with your crew to pull off the perfect crime.

Payday 2 originally launched with 12 heists, however most of these were small maps with little variation. So while there are fewer unique maps coming with Payday 3, the game should feel a lot grander overall. Starbreeze Studios, the makers of Payday 3, have also promised to add more heists in the future as free updates or DLCs. They have also hinted at some new features and mechanics that will make the game more interesting.

Confirmed Heists


Currently, only 3 Heists have been confirmed. The Heists differ in theme and setting, from daytime bank robberies to sneaky art gallery. Starbreeze Studios is keen to bring back that movie-like vibe for the themes of its heists.

  1. No Rest for the Wicked
  2. Surphaze Art Gallery
  3. 99 Boxes

As for the playable characters, six have been confirmed to appear in Payday 3 at launch: Dallas, Chains, Wolf, Hoxton, Joy, and Pearl. Pearl is a brand-new character who brings stealth skills to the Payday Gang.

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