Rainbow 6 Siege: Best Attackers and Defenders

Rainbow 6 Siege is a game that requires strategy, teamwork, and skill. But it also requires choosing the right operators for each situation. Whether you are attacking or defending, you need to know which operators can help you achieve your objective, and which ones can hinder you. In this article, we will look at some of the best operators in Rainbow 6 Siege, and why they are so effective.


BEst Operators


Attackers in Siege need to be powerful and adaptable, navigating defenders’ equipment while closing in on the objective and taking out opponents as you go and. The best attackers are typically the most versatile.



Iana is an exceptionally useful operator for team plays. With the ability to create a clone to study the enemy’s defense or find the opponent’s position, she can distract the enemy and facilitate the elimination of opponents for her teammates. Moreover, Iana’s weapons are suitable for players who prefer a more aggressive style, as both the ARX200 and the G36C are assault rifles and potent for exchanging fire. The operator can also throw a frag grenade or smoke grenade to further aid the team.



Ace. Widely used today, Ace’s role is to open up spaces in reinforced walls. While the character may not be as effective as Thermite, Ace is much easier to use and faster. So, if your squad wants to make faster plays, Ace is definitely worth considering. He also comes equipped with the AK12 considered one of the best weapons in the game so after the walls have been opened Ace can also switch up his role and act as an entry frag.



Nokk is a strong operator, but she shouldn’t be used every round as it can make you predictable. She can be very useful in rounds where you need to quickly take positions or when you notice a gap in the opponent’s defense. With a fast weapon and the ability to become invisible to cameras, Nokk can be a great asset to the team.


Defenders need be robust and reliable; difficult for attackers to break down but with enough versatility to manage the wealth of situations Rainbow Six can throw at you.



Azami is an operator that requires some additional training to learn the precise pixel placement of gadgets and spots that provide an advantage against attackers. However, after mastering Azami, you can gain a significant advantage against attackers, in addition to having an excellent weapon at your disposal.



This operator is perfect for players who enjoy taking an active role in defense. Kaid’s gadget is easy to use, but can also be used in complex plays. Even players with limited game knowledge can position his electroclaw on hacthes or walls that are essential to defending the objective. With the option of either a submachine or shotgun, Kaid’s versatility allows him to cater to multiple play styles. Additionally, Kaid’s C4 makes him an extremely valuable asset to your team, so keeping him alive until the end of the round is crucial.



Jaeger is a base operator who has recently been getting closer and closer to the bomb, indicating a shift from his previous role as an aggressive lurker. However, due to his gadget being used right away and his lack of C4 to hold an attack, he’s still an operator who works best outside the bomb. Currently, Jaeger has a movement speed of 2, which delays the swiftness a lurker really needs. Despite this, he remains a good defensive option, thanks to his potent 416-C Carbine weapon.

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