Redfall: A Disappointing Shift from Arkane’s Immersive Sim Legacy

Redfall, developed by Arkane Studios, was one of the most anticipated games in recent years. Known for their stellar immersive sim games like Dishonored and Prey, Arcane Studios had built a reputation for delivering engaging narratives and innovative gameplay mechanics. However, when Redfall finally hit the market, it failed to meet the expectations of both fans and critics alike. In this article, we will delve into the design shortcomings of Redfall and explore Arcane Studios’ departure from their core immersive sim style of gameplay.

Arcane Studios’ Departure from Immersive Sim Design

One of the most glaring issues with Redfall is Arcanes abandonment of their core design philosphy. The departure from the core immersive sim style of gameplay in Redfall raises questions about the direction Arcane Studios is taking as a game developer. While studios are expected to evolve and explore new ideas, completely abandoning their strengths and unique identity can alienate their dedicated fanbase.

Redfalls Shortcomings


Redfall was marketed as an open-world co-op shooter with RPG elements. The game allows the player to choose from four different heroes, each with their own abilities and weapons. The player can also customize their hero’s skills and gear as they level up. The game’s main objective is to fight off waves of vampires and their minions while exploring the town of Redfall. The game also features a story campaign that can be played solo or with up to three other players online.

While Redfall may sound like an immersive sim on paper, it fails to deliver on many aspects that define the genre. Here are some of the main criticisms that Redfall has received from fans and critics:

Lack of meaningful choice and consequence

Arcane Studios has a track record of crafting compelling narratives with morally ambiguous characters and thought-provoking themes. Unfortunately, Redfall’s story and character development fell short of this reputation. The plot lacked the depth and intrigue that fans had come to love in Dishonored and Prey, leaving players with a forgettable and predictable experience.

Lack of depth and complexity

In immersive sim games, intricate level design is crucial to provide players with multiple paths and opportunities for creative problem-solving. Redfall’s level design, however, felt lackluster and linear, limiting player exploration and experimentation. This simplified approach made the game feel more like a generic shooter than an immersive sim title. Redfall’s combat is also simplistic and repetitive, with few options for stealth or non-lethal approaches. The game’s enemies are mostly generic and predictable, with no real intelligence or personality. 

Overemphasis on Co-op Gameplay

Redfall’s marketing heavily emphasized the cooperative multiplayer aspect of the game. While multiplayer modes can enhance gameplay experiences, the overemphasis on co-op in Redfall seemed to come at the expense of a compelling single-player experience. This focus shift likely contributed to the game’s departure from the immersive sim style, as balancing multiplayer mechanics often involves sacrificing the intricacies of a single-player narrative.

Technical Issues and Lackluster Performance

In addition to design shortcomings, Redfall faced technical issues and performance problems at launch. Bugs, glitches, and optimization hiccups further marred the player experience, resulting in frustration and disappointment. This departure from Arcane Studios’ reputation for delivering polished and well-optimized games added to the negative reception.

Why did Arkane Studios change their style?

Co-op shooters are a popular and lucrative genre in the gaming industry, especially with the rise of online services like Xbox Game Pass. This shift may indicate a strategic decision to appeal to a broader audience or to capitalize on the popularity of multiplayer-focused games, but it comes with the risk of losing the studio’s established niche in the gaming industry.

Redfall is a disappointing shift from Arkane Studios’ immersive sim legacy. The game fails to deliver on the genre’s core elements of choice, depth, and immersion, and instead offers a generic and shallow co-op shooter experience. Redfall does not live up to the standards of Arkane’s previous titles, nor does it offer anything new or innovative to the genre. Redfall is a missed opportunity for Arkane Studios to showcase their talent and expertise in creating immersive sims, and a letdown for fans and critics alike

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