Remnant 2: Apocalypse Tank Builds

Apocalypse is the highest difficulty in Remnant 2. It is unlocked after playing through the Campaign mode at least once. In this Remnant 2 apocalypse build guide we will give you 2 builds that will make you un-killable and let you cheese all difficulties.

The Builds

Clearing the Apocalypse Difficulty may be a difficult task for a lot of players in Remnant 2, especially for beginners, so we decided to come up with these Remnant 2 Builds that will give anyone a footing in the said difficulty.

Medic x Summoner Build

  • Archetypes: Medic and Summoner.
  • Long Gun: Merciless.
  • Mutator: Twisting Wounds.
  • Hand Gun: Tech 22
  • Mutator: Maelstrom 
  • Melee Weapon: Krell Axe. 
  • Amulet: Red Doe Sigil
  • Rings: Ring of Omens, Dried Clay Ring, Blessed Ring and Seal of the Empress.
  • Skills:  Flyer Minions, Wellspring.
  • Traits: Glutton, Triage
  • Relics: Crystal Heart
  • Concotion: Mudtooth’s Tonic.

The main goal of this build is to give you that wiggle room to adjust. Eventually, you will be learning to avoid some of the hardest-hitting attacks in the game and it is fairly easy to do with the Misty Step. So use this to your advantage when you need it. When the battle starts, summon both of your Flyers and watch out for their Health. Heal them if necessary and try not to let them die. Use all of the initial Bloodline Mod charges and fire the Merciless until you regain three charges of Bloodline Mod. Use all of them again and repeat from the start to refresh or reapply all the Negative Status effects. Utilizing this setup will provide you with a generous amount of Relic Charges when used correctly. Thus it is advisable to determine the right situations to do so. In many instances, the Relic Refunds retained my Relic Charges at max even after a hard and long boss fight.

Engineer Build

  • Archetypes: Enginneer.
  • Long Gun: Your Choice.
  • Hand Gun: Your Choice.
  • Melee Weapon: Krell Axe. 
  • Amulet: Effigy Pendant
  • Rings: Amber Moonstone, Hardened Coil, Rusted Heirloom and Restriction Cord.
  • Skills:  Vulcan turret.
  • Relics: Reprocessed Heart
  • Concotion: Mudtooth’s Tonic.

Before combat, consume a Relic. You wont be needing any long guns for this build equip the Vulcan turret and activate its infinite ammo. This is where you become sort of invincible as long as you hold the Vulcan in your hands or you’re within 20 meters of its location, your damage is reduced by 130%, making you immune to all sort of attacks. When the infinite ammo of the Vulcan goes back to its 45 second cooldown, use the Vulcan itself as a melee weapon. You don’t want to use the ammo reserves of the Vulcan because if you run out, the Vulcan will disappear from your hands, making you mortal. Keep an eye out on your health. If your health is one quarter red, place the Vulcan on the ground and consume another Relic. Remember the damage reduction is entirely based on how much grey health you have.

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