Remnant 2: Best Support Build

Remnant 2 provides a wide array of gear from weapons, rings, amulets, and even archetypes, allowing you to tailor your build according to your preferences, whether you lean towards melee, ranged, or tank playstyles. Thanks to the diverse customization options available, every build can be valid for playing the game. This article highlights the most effective Remnant 2 support build.

The build

Medic x Handler

  • Archetypes: Medic and Handler
  • Long Gun: Sparkfire Shotgun with Abrasive Rounds
  • Hand Gun: Tech 22 with Firestorm
  • Melee Weapon: Krell axe
  • Amulet: Nimue’s Ribbon
  • Rings: Ring of the Forest Spirit, Dead King’s Memento, Seal of the Empress, and Burden of the Divine.
  • Relics: Resonating Heart
  • Concoction:  Xenoplasm

The Support build is fit for those who want to help set up their teammates for success. This setup will allow you to run through Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom DLC without worrying about healing. This build runs on the Medic Archetype’s prime perk, which gives you a free relic every time you heal 250 HP. Nimue’s Ribbon and Ring of the Forest Spirit will boost the effectiveness of your Relic, while Seal of the Empress will buff your HP. Lastly, the Burden of the Divine ring will help your teammates tank more damage.

The most significant part of this setup is the Resonating Heart Relic, which doubles any overheal and then uses it to regenerate your health over the next 20 seconds. The items you equip will boost this healing effect and make you pretty much invulnerable to enemies who can’t one-shot you. You should equip the Redemption Skill for co-op, as it will allow your teammates to not worry about healing themselves.

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