Remnant 2: Best Weapons and how to get them

In this article, we’ll show you how to get your hands on some of the most powerful and unique weapons in the game. You’ll need to face some of the toughest bosses and explore some of the darkest dungeons. Are you ready for the challenge? Then read on and find out how to get the best weapons in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 Best Weapons



A shock damage type handgun, Enigma is one of the strongest weapons in the game due to its strong AOE damage and mod. Its mod fires shock tethers that stick to enemies and deal high amounts of consistent damage. This weapons damage can also be easily boosted by using any shock damage, increasing its total damage. This weapon also does the shock status effect overload dealing more damage.

How to obtain:  Craft it at McCabe using x1 Cipher Rod, x7 Lumenite Crystal, and x650 Scrap.



Nightfall is a slow-firing rifle that does moderate damage in its base form. It has a small magazine but good weak spot damage. What puts it above every other weapon in this game is its mod, Dreadwalker. Dreadwalker allows the player to enter the nightmare realm, gaining a bonus to its fire rate and life steal and becoming harder to hit. Paired with any build that improves fire rate and weak spot damage, this weapon becomes a menace to every boss in the game.

How to obtain: You can get Nightfall by killing the boss Nightweaver in Losomn, using the dropped material, and giving it to McCabe in ward 13, who will craft it for you. Craft with x1 Cursed Dream Silks (Nightweaver), x7 Lumenite Crystals, and x650 Scrap.

XMG57 Bonesaw


This weapon is viable from the beginning of the game to the very end. I continuously found myself returning to this reliable LMG throughout my 50 hours with the game, even after I had other weapons on this list. You’ll need to upgrade it a bit to start really driving the damage up (+7 and higher), but even if every bullet is doing 40 Crit damage, the gun has a 150-round magazine and the numbers add up. It’s also incredibly accurate, and it can be devastating with the Hot Shot, Corrosive Rounds, or Overflow mods.

How to obtain: starting weapon of the Medic Archetype, can purchase for x1,000 Scrap from Brabus.



Sagittarius has the highest weak spot damage among all ranged weapons in Remnant 2. You can also charge it for maximum damage, which can reach up to 294 points when fully upgraded. Its weapon mod is Starfall, which serves as an AoE attack. You can shoot a charged arrow, which opens a portal above enemies and showers them with multiple star fragments for six seconds, with each causing 50 damage.

How to obtain: Solve the mini-game puzzle in the Cathedral of Omen in Yaesha. To solve it, turn the triangular lever southwest. Then turn the four levers (Death, Life, Sun, and Moon) around the circle. Place Death closest to where you stand. The Death and Moon levers should be outside the circle.

Stone Breaker


Stonebreaker is a heavy melee weapon with high damage and a slower attack speed. When fully upgraded to +10, it does 309 points of damage which the game’s second-highest base damage. It does significant amounts of damage with the right build but also puts the player in melee range which is disadvantageous in greater difficulties. Its mod deals enough AOE damage to give the player some breathing room.

How to obtain:  Defeat the Corruptor in Yaesha without killing the Guardian. This will get you the Hollow Heart. Craft it at McCabe using x1 Hollow Heart, x7 Lumenite Crystal, and x650 Scrap.

World’s Edge


World’s Edge is a melee weapon with very strong stats but is very difficult to acquire. It has one of the highest stagger modifiers in the game, making it very good in all situations. Charging the weapon fires horizontal waves. This weapon’s strength comes from how good it is at staggering enemies.

How to obtain:  Beat the game on apocalypse difficulty.

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