Remnant 2: Build guide for Endgame

Builds in Remnant 2 are optimized combinations of various Archetypes, Weapons, Armor, Traits, Perks, Skills, and other aspects of character customization geared towards specific play styles and goals. In this article we would like to showcase a few builds that will carry you through nightmare difficulty and even beyond. We will continue to update this article as we play more of the game and come up with new builds.


As these builds are meant for endgame, it’ll be some time and multiple re-rolls of adventure mode before you have all the necessary equipment for them.

Ceaceless Sharpshooter

  • Archetypes: Hunter, Gunslinger
  • Weapons: Nightfall, Enigma
  • Rings and Talismans: Shard banded ring, Gunslingers Ring, Wax Sealed Ring, Cataloger’s Jewel, Gunslingers Talisman.
  • Armour: High noon hat, Red Widow set

With this build keep the Hunter in the primary slot to get the prime perk Dead to Rights. Hitting consistent weak spots will let you keep your Hunter ability Hunter’s Mark active as long as the fight goes on giving you a passive damage boost. On the Gunslingers side Bullet storm will let you fire Nightfall on full auto dealing high damage combined with its mod which gives it infinite ammo you can effectively shoot endlessly for 30 seconds with this build dealing massive DPS.

Death Summoner

  • Archetypes: Summoner, Engineer
  • Weapons: Chicago Typewriter, MP60-R
  • Rings and Talismans: Shard banded ring, Reserve Boosting Gem, Soul Link, Cataloger’s Jewel, Talisman of the Sun.
  • Armour: Navigators Helm, Knotted Set

A build centered around summoning and survivability. Keep the Summoner as your main class to get its prime perk Enraged which gives your summons extra damage on friendly fire. The Engineer will provide another summon for more DPS at range. Put the Fire Storm mod on the MP60 and summon a pillar of fire on stronger enemies and bosses while you mow them down with the Hot Shot mod on the Typewriter and an 80 bullet drum mag. With the rings your health will consistently stay topped up as long as your summons are dealing damage.

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