Remnant 2: Hunter Builds

The Hunter is the only returning Archetype from Remnant: From the Ashes. It s a long-range damage dealer that focuses on exploiting weakpoints and burst damage and makes for a great weapons platform. This Remnant 2 hunter build guide will give you 2 builds to shoot your way through the realms of Remnant 2.

The Builds

Hunter x Summoner Build

  • Archetypes: Hunter and Summoner
  • Long Gun: Nightfall
  • Hand Gun: Enigma
  • Melee Weapon: your choice.
  • Head Armor: Knotted Helm
  • Amulet: Ankh of Power
  • Rings: Faerin’s Sigil, Zania’s Malice, Probability Cord, Shard Banded Ring
  • Skills: Hunter’s Mark, Flyer
  • Traits: Vigor, Expertise, Spirit, Barkskin, Siphoner, Endurance, Glutton, Handling
  • Relics: Runed Heart
  • Relic Fragments: Ranged Critical Chance, Mod Damage, Weakspot Damage
  • Concoction: Bottled Shaedberry

When playing this build, your goal is to use the Nightfall’s Dreadwalker mod often and reduce its cooldown. Skipping its cooldown is possible, especially when fightning Bosses thanks to the Build’s mod power generation augments. Hitting weak spots with this Build is a must to generate more mod power and also deal more damage. The Hunter’s Mark will be prolonged as long as you are hitting Weak spots, and maintaining the additional damage it provides is a plus. The minions, on the other hand, will help you accumulate while dealing extra damage to enemies. They can also help divide enemy attention, so you can move around the battlefield freely.  You can also sacrifice your minions for additional damage and grant you a further boost of damage, especially when their HP is low.

Hunter x Gunslinger

  • Archetypes: Hunter and  Gunslinger 
  • Long Gun: XMG57 Bonesaw 
  • Weapon Mod: Hot Shot
  • Hand Gun: MP60-R 
  • Weapon Mod: Bore
  • Melee Weapon: Spectral Blade
  • Amulet: Gunslinger’s Charm 
  • Rings: Gunslinger’s Ring, Fire Stone, Vestige of Power, and Wax Sealed Ring.
  • Skills: Bulletstorm and Hunter’s Mark
  • Traits: Endurance, Spirit, Expertise, Vigor, Handling, Footwork, Ammo Reserves, Longshot
  • Relics: Dragon Heart
  • Concoction:  Your Choice

This is a DPS-Focused build that deals massive burst damage. This Builds heavily relies on its active skills to reach peak performance. Players need to follow sets of skills and mod rotations in order to get the most from this build. First fire up the Bore weapon mod to force enemies to reveal their vulnerable spots. Quickly activate the Hunter’s Mark active skill to mark enemies and also increase the build’s burst damage. Follow that with the Bulletstorm active skill to greatly increase fire rate and reloading speed. Finally, activate the Hot Shot mode before firing the Bonesaw.

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