Remnant 2: Invoker Build Guide

 The Invoker is the newest Archetype introduced in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC focused on spellcasting. They can cast spells to inflict debuffs on enemies while granting buffs on allies. This Remnant 2 Invoker Build Guide will give you a deadly build combination so you can carve your path through the Forgotten kingdom.

The Build

This is a relatively late game build requiring DLC 1 and late game gear.

Invoker x Ritualist build:

  • Archetypes: Invoker and Ritualist
  • Long Gun: Sparkfire Shotgun with Abrasive Rounds
  • Hand Gun: Tech 22 with Flying Bomb Trap
  • Melee Weapon: Krell axe
  • Amulet: Fragrant Thorn
  • Rings: Ahanae Crystal, Token of Favor, Red Ring of Death, Singed Ring
  • Skills: Hunter’s Mark, Flyer
  • Relics: Tranquil Heart
  • Concoction:  Xenoplasm


For the equipment setup, since we are dealing with multiple damage sources such as multiple status ailments or elemental damage, we are inclined to bolster this setup with more elemental damage augments and status-inflicting equipment so we can enjoy more status ailment stacks which increases this build’s overall damage.

For this builds damage rotation shoot targets with two to three rounds from the Sparkfire Shotgun to apply x3 Burning Stacks. Following up with a Krell Axe throw to apply Corroded and Overloaded to the target. Activate the Miasma Skill to apply another stack of Overloaded, Corroded, Bleeding, and Burning to the target, while applying Exposed in the process. After the Miasma, activate Wave of Kaeula to apply Drenched and summon lightning for additional DPS. Switch to Tech 22 and fire ten to fifteen rounds to inflict another stack of Bleed and use the Flying Bomb Trap Mod for an additional Corroded stack and damage source. Finally, switch back to the Sparkfire Shotgun and activate Abrasive Rounds to keep on applying Burning and Bleeding while DPSing.

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