Remnant 2: More invoker Builds

The Invoker is the newest Archetype introduced in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC focused on spellcasting. They can cast spells to inflict debuffs on enemies while granting buffs on allies. This Remnant 2 Invoker Build Guide will give you a deadly build combination so you can carve your path through the Forgotten kingdom.

The Builds

  • Archetypes: Invoker and Engineer
  • Long Gun:  XMG57 Bonesaw with Firestorm
  • Hand Gun: Tech 22 with Witchfire
  • Melee Weapon: Krell axe
  • Amulet: Talisman of the sun
  • Rings: Stone of Malevolence, Red Ring of Death,Burden of the Destroyer, Burden of the Gambler
  • Skills:  Way of Kaeula,  Flamethrower
  • Relics: Tranquil Heart
  • Concoction:  Bottled Shaedberry

This build relies heavily on Fire-Based Mods, causing significant fire elemental damage over time. The build uses weapons that are designed to stack Burning on enemies and maintain it throughout combat. With this build, players don’t need to focus on hitting specific weak spots and will have frequent access to their mods, creating a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

You can equip any Long Gun you like but for the Mod, I’ve chosen the Firestorm Mod because of its powerful and sustained damage capabilities. Since this build emphasizes frequent use of Mods and Turrets, Firestorm is a great fit it allows you to activate it and then focus on other tasks while it continues to deal damage As a result, you’ll often have multiple Firestorms on the battlefield, delivering significant damage over time and boosting your Mod power pool. The Witchfire, Mod shoots a volatile projectile that detonates on impact, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Enemies caught in this flaming path accumulate an additional Burning stack and take Fire Elemental damage over time. It’s an efficient way to keep damaging enemies while you focus on other aspects of the battle.

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