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Remnant 2: Ritualist Build Guide

The Awakened King DLC has arrived for Remnant 2, offering a trove of new discoveries and experiences. The Ritualist class offers a unique and powerful playstyle. With a focus on Damage Over Time, the Ritualist can effortlessly take down enemies. Here’s a Remnant 2 build guide to mastering the Ritualist.

Ritualist Skills and perks


The Ritualist focuses on applying status effects to enemies for sustained damage. It can also cause the affected enemies to spread the status effect to nearby foes. Specializing in area-of-effect damage, the Ritualist excels at handling groups of enemies. It can also buff itself to increase damage dealt by enemies affected by the status effects.


  • Prime Perk: Vile – Negative status effects applied by the Ritualist cause the Infected debuff. Targets suffering from Infected receive more damage from status effects. On death, this affliction also spreads to nearby enemies within five meters.


  • Eruption: Creates an explosion that deals area-of-effect damage within 15 meters. The explosion’s radius and damage are increased depending on the number of negative status effects that affect the target. The ability also refreshes the status effects that are currently afflicting your target.
  • Miasma: Casts an AoE burst that applies Bleeding, Burning, Overloaded, and Corroded to all enemies within 15 meters, while also dealing base damage. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Deathwish: Prevents all healing done to yourself, while also draining 300% of your health over 20 seconds. During this time, you do 35% increased damage, and 10% of the base damage dealt is counted as lifesteal.

Build: Vile Gunslinger

  • Classes: Ritualist and Gunslinger
  • Primary: Sparkfire Shotgun with overflow and fetid wounds mutator
  • Secondary: Enigma
  • Melee: Krell Axe
  • Amulet and Rings: Death-soaked idol, Fire stone, Shard banded ring, Faerins Sigil, Catalogers Jewel


This build relies on using the new Sparkfire shotgun to spread 3 status effects (burning, corroded and overloaded) among the hoard of enemies and using the Eruption skill to deal massive AoE damage and spreading the status effects even further. Faerins Sigil and Catalogers jewel (Stone of Malevolence would be better but it still hasnt dropped for me) will provide constant uptime on your overflow mod. This build can also do boss dps with the Gunslingers Bullestorm skill turning the Sparkfire full auto.

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