Remnant 2: The Awakened King Builds

Its been a while since the release of Remnant 2s first DLC The Awakened Kings and with the second DLC on the horizon we’ve thought of a few builds to get you ready for world hopping once again. This Remnant 2 The Awakened King build guide is for endgame so you’ll need to have a few completions under your belt for all the gear and classes needed.

The Builds

Ritualist x Challenger build:

  • Archetypes: Ritualist and Challenger.
  • Long Gun: Sparkfire Shotgun.
  • Weapon Mod: Corrosive Rounds.
  • Mutator: Twisting Wounds.
  • Hand Gun: MP60-R.
  • Weapon Mod: Overflow.
  • Mutator: Maelstrom 
  • Melee Weapon: Krell Axe. 
  • Amulet: Abrasive Whetstone
  • Rings: Zania’s Malice, Probability Cord, Singed Ring and Shadow of Misery.
  • Skills:  Miasma (Ritualist), Rampage (Challenger).
  • Traits: Strong Back, Fitness, Handling.
  • Relics: Tranquil Heart
  • Relic Fragments: Ranged Crit Chance, Ranged Crit Damage, Weakspot Damage
  • Concotion: Xenoplasm.

The Sparkfire Shotgun is one of the best items that the Remnant 2 Awakened King DLC brought to the table. It caught my interest and fell in love with it the moment I got my hands on it so I decided to make a Remnant 2 Build around this weapon. This build can blast through its targets with its insane raw damage per second, and effortlessly inflicts multiple stacks of Negative Status Effects that deal significant amounts of damage over time.If you want to focus on Status Effect Damage, I suggest replacing the Abrasive Whetstone with Sinister Totem. At max stacks, this amulet can give you 50% additional Status Effect Damage. Replace Shadow Misery with a Band of the Fanatic Ring which increases Status Effect Damage by 25% but reduces Status Effect Duration by 65%. 

Ritualist x Archon build:

  • Archetypes: Archon and Ritualist
  • Long Gun: Chicago Typewriter
  • Weapon Mod: Firestorm
  • Mutator: Momentum
  • Hand Gun: Nebula
  • Weapon Mod: Nano Swarm
  • Mutator: Harmonizer
  • Melee Weapon: Krell Axe
  • Mutator: Tainted Blade
  • Amulet: Nightweaver’s Grudge
  • Rings: Devoured Loop, Burden of the Gambler, Atonement Fold, Kinetic Cycle Stone
  • Skills: Miasma (Ritualist) and Havoc Form (Archon)
  • Traits: Triage, Regrowth, Vigor, Siphoner, Fitness, Glutton, Footwork, Spirit
  • Relics: Tranquil Heart
  • Relic Fragments: Elemental Damage, Skill Damage, Casting Speed
  • Concoction: Xenoplasm or Mudtooth’s Tonic

This is a build that takes advantage of the Ritualist and Archon special abilities. It heavily relies on the archon’s Havoc Form skill to deal a good amount of damage and bolster it further with deadly status effects from the Ritualist repertoire. This build was designed to consistently skip or reduce the cool down phase of both Miasma and Havoc Form, allowing us to use both skills frequently in combat and focus more on dealing damage while using mods in between. Havoc Form allows the user to perform a unique stance and unleash shock inflicted lightning tendrils for a limited duration this skill can wipe out enemy waves with ease and even deals a great amount of damage to Bosses while Miasma will apply bleeding, burning, overload, and corroded to all enemies within 15 meters. Each one of these status effects mentioned deals damage over time to targets, making the scale a powerful one that will bolster overall DPS.

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