Remnant 2: The Ultimate Summoner Build

The Summoner is one of the hidden Archetypes in Remnant 2. Summoners, as the name suggests, can summon minions, which take most of the damage for the team. It does cost some HP off the character, but you can use them in various ways as situations demand. This Remnant 2 Summoner Build Guide will give you the ultimate summoner build for your next playthrough.

The Build

What better way to improve the Summoner than combining it with another summoning archetype the Engineer another fan favorite archetype.

Summoner x Engineer

  • Archetypes: Summoner and Engineer
  • Long Gun: Chicago Typewriter with Root Lash and Feedback 
  • Hand Gun: Enigma
  • Melee Weapon: your choice.
  • Amulet: Ankh of Power
  • Rings: Anastasija’s Inspiration, Soul Link, Burden of the Follower, Cataloger’s Jewel
  • Skills: Hunter’s Mark, Flyer
  • Traits: Rugged, Regrowth, Spirit
  • Relics: Pulsing Heart
  • Concoction: Bottled Shaedberry

Summoner and Engineer work surprisingly well together, since the latter’s turrets count as summoned creatures. Players can pick between any of the available turret types based on whatever the current situation needs, though the Vulcan turret is arguably the most versatile of all the options. Likewise, the choice of primary Long Gun here is up to the player’s preference so long as it has Root Lash and Feedback equipped, I prefer the Chicago Typewriter. The Root tentacles from the mod also count as summons, which means they’ll benefit from all Summon-related bonuses. Enigma makes for a good backup weapon that’s excellent at killing hordes of enemies. Pulsing Heart can heal minions that are caught within its effective range. If players find that their Flyer minions aren’t taking much damage, feel free to swap this out for some other Relic.


Summon Flyers and Root Lash tentacles, place down an Engineer Turret, and then watch them all do their jobs. Players should still be dealing damage to enemies so that their weapons generate Mod Power faster. Keep in mind that shooting minions while having Summoner as the main Archetype will empower the minions, making them deal more damage overall.

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