Remnant 2: Weapon Mod Build

Remnant 2 provides a wide array of gear from weapons, rings, amulets, and even archetypes, allowing you to tailor your build according to your preferences, whether you lean towards melee, ranged, or tank playstyles. Thanks to the diverse customization options available, every build can be valid for playing the game. This article highlights the most effective Remnant 2 weapons mod build.

The build

Archon x Summoner

  • Archetypes: Archon and Summoner
  • Long Gun: Sparkfire Shotgun with Abrasive Rounds
  • Hand Gun: Tech 22 with Firestorm
  • Melee Weapon: Krell axe
  • Amulet: Fragrant Thorn
  • Rings: Ahanae Crystal, Token of Favor, Red Ring of Death, Singed Ring
  • Skills: Hunter’s Mark, Flyer
  • Relics: Tranquil Heart
  • Concoction:  Xenoplasm

With a strong focus on Weapon Mods, the Archon excels at passively generating them quickly, boosting their damage and speeding up their casting. This translates to rapid Mod usage and even more damage dealt. The Summoner pairs exceptionally well with this archetype. The Summoner’s skill, Dominator, boosts Mod and Skill damage by 35 percent, making your mods hit even harder. While you have the freedom to choose a normal weapon from the game’s selection, it’s crucial to pick weapon mods wisely. Aim for something effective against groups of enemies with low Mod requirements for quick reuse. No matter what, make sure to include the Firestorm Mod on your weapon because with this build you can throw out multiple fire tornados.

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