Star Citizen: How Server Meshing Will Revolutionize Gaming

Star Citizen is a game that has been in development for almost a decade, and it is still not finished. However, it is also a game that has a loyal and passionate fan base, who support the project with their money and feedback. Star Citizen is not just a game, but a vision of a living, breathing, and evolving sci-fi universe.

An ambitious Idea

Star Citizen is an ambitious and groundbreaking project that aims to create a massive, persistent, and immersive space simulation game. The game is being developed by Cloud Imperium Games, led by Chris Roberts, the creator of the Wing Commander series. Star Citizen promises to offer players a vast and diverse universe to explore, with hundreds of star systems, planets, moons, space stations, and other celestial objects. The game also features a rich and dynamic economy, a complex and realistic flight model, a detailed character customization system, and a variety of gameplay modes, such as combat, trading, mining, exploration, and more.

Squadron 42-Poggers-Memes

Star Citizen’s gameplay features are diverse and varied, depending on what the player wants to do. The game offers several modes of play, such as:

  • Persistent Universe (PU): This is the main mode of Star Citizen, where players can explore the vast and dynamic galaxy, interact with other players and NPCs, engage in various activities and professions, and shape the world with their actions. The PU is constantly updated with new content, features, and events.
  • Squadron 42: This is the single-player campaign of Star Citizen, where players can follow a cinematic and immersive story that takes place in the same universe as the PU. Squadron 42 features a star-studded cast of actors, such as Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, and more. Squadron 42 is still in development and has no release date yet.
  • Arena Commander: This is a mode where players can test their skills in various space combat scenarios, such as dogfighting, racing, or cooperative missions. Arena Commander is also a way for players to try out different ships and weapons before buying them in the PU.
  • Star Marine: This is a mode where players can test their skills in various first-person shooter scenarios, such as deathmatch, capture the flag, or elimination. Star Marine is also a way for players to try out different weapons and armor before buying them in the PU.

Server Meshing


One of the most challenging and innovative aspects of Star Citizen is the server meshing technology that the developers are trying to implement in the game world. Server meshing is a technique that allows the game to scale beyond the limitations of a single server, by splitting the game world into smaller zones that are handled by different servers. This way, the game can support more players and more activities in the same universe, without compromising performance or stability.

How It Works

Server meshing works by dynamically assigning servers to different zones based on the population and activity level of each zone. For example, if a zone has a lot of players or events happening in it, it will be assigned more servers to handle the load. Conversely, if a zone has few players or events, it will be assigned fewer servers or even merged with another zone. The servers are then connected to each other in a mesh network, which allows them to communicate and synchronize data with each other. This enables players to seamlessly move between zones without loading screens or interruptions.

How It Will Affect The Game

Server meshing is not only beneficial for the game’s performance and scalability, but also for its realism and immersion. By using server meshing, the game can create a more dynamic and persistent universe, where players can interact with each other and with the environment in meaningful ways. For instance, players can form large fleets and engage in epic battles with other factions or enemies. They can also witness the effects of their actions on the world, such as destroying a space station or altering the economy of a planet. Moreover, server meshing allows the game to simulate complex systems and events that affect the whole universe, such as weather patterns, natural disasters, political conflicts, and more.

Server meshing is still in development and has not been implemented in Star Citizen yet. However, the developers have been working hard to make it a reality and have shown some progress and demonstrations of the technology. Server meshing is expected to be one of the major features that will define Star Citizen’s vision and scope. It will also be one of the factors that will set Star Citizen apart from other games in the genre.

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