Starfield: Everything You Need to Know About Bethesda’s Next Big RPG

Starfield is a sci-fi role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. It is the first new IP from the studio in 25 years, and it promises to take players on an epic journey across the galaxy. Here are some of the latest news and gameplay details about Starfield, as well as some speculation about its story.

New Waters

Starfield is set in the year 2330, in an alternate timeline where humanity has reached the stars but is still struggling with its own problems. You play as a member of Constellation, an organization of explorers who are dedicated to finding new worlds and secrets in the galaxy. You are part of the last expedition of Constellation before a major event that will change everything. Based on the information we have so far, Starfield seems to be a game that blends science fiction with realism or Nasa-Punk as Tod Howard called it. It has a lot of potential to deliver a rich and immersive experience that will satisfy fans of Bethesda’s RPGs and sci-fi enthusiasts alike.

Gameplay Details

Starfield is a single-player RPG that lets you create your own character and explore a vast open world filled with planets, moons, asteroids, space stations, and more. You can customize your appearance, skills, perks, and equipment to suit your playstyle. The game also has deep modular ship customization, you can also build and upgrade your own spaceship, which serves as your home base and transportation.



As seen in various gameplay videos, Starfield’s combat is faster-paced than Fallout. In earlier reveals it was criticized for its clunkiness but looks much more refined with the recent reveal. Like the ship customization Starfield’s weaponry also offers a deep set of customization options that can alter stats, appearance, and/or functionality. You can also use gadgets, hacking, stealth, or diplomacy to deal with enemies and situations. Space Combat is also an option, though not as deep as the likes of Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen it is still engaging and fun.

Map and Planet Exploration


Starfield boasts a massive map size that spans over a thousand planets. However, not all of them are fully explorable. Some are only visible from space or serve as backdrops for missions. Others are procedurally generated or handcrafted by Bethesda’s artists. Each planet has its own biome, climate, wildlife, landmarks, and secrets Starfield features a dynamic weather system that affects the environment and gameplay. For example, you might encounter sandstorms, acid rain, solar flares, or meteor showers that can damage your ship or equipment. You also have to manage your oxygen levels, radiation exposure, hunger, thirst, and fatigue while exploring hostile planets.

Base Building

Like Fallout 4 Starfield also has a settlement system that allows you to build your own outposts on various locations. You can recruit settlers, assign them roles, provide them with resources, and defend them from threats.

Release Information

Starfield will release on September 6, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Microsoft Store and Steam). It will be available through Game Pass at launch. Those who purchase the Premium Edition, Premium Edition Upgrade, or Constellation Edition can access the game five days early (beginning September 1). The standard edition of Starfield costs $70 USD, the Digital Premium Edition costs $100, and the Constellation Edition costs $300. Starfield is being released as an exclusive game for Xbox, so the title will not be released on PS5 at launch. We don’t yet know if Starfield will eventually make its way over to Playstation, but it seems as unlikely.

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