The Division Heartland: A New Free-to-Play Survival Shooter

Ubisoft has recently announced a new game set in the Tom Clancy’s The Division universe, called The Division Heartland. The game is a free-to-play, standalone spin-off that will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in the 2023-2024 window.

Expanding the Series


The Division Heartland is a survival-action shooter that takes place in the mysterious rural town of Silver Creek, where players will have to face the threats of a virus outbreak, enemy factions, and other players. The Division Heartland follows your agent character finding the town of Silver Creek in rural America. You start by rebuilding the Base of Operations for the area alongside Division agent Mackenzie Reed, who has had her team wiped out by their commanding officer, who has become a rogue agent.



Heartland takes the concept of the Dark Zones from the original Division series and takes it to its logical end by making a full-fledged extraction shooter out of the concept. The game has a focus on PvPvE matches, where you must focus on extracting great loot or risk losing it in the town of Silver Creek, similar to other extraction shooters like Escape from Tarkov or Hunt Showdown. Within Silver Creek, areas of the map will be covered in contamination, requiring filters to enter and survive. And in these areas, some exciting gear can be found and kept, so long as you make it to the extraction zone safely.

Game modes

The game reportedly has 4 game modes 2 we know about and 2 leaked ones, Excursion, Storm, Nightfall, and Hunt. Initially, the Excursion mode was leaked for the game, which is a PvE mode that has players scavenge for gear while trying to survive. This is might be an introductory mode for players. The other previously leaked mode is the Escape From Tarkov-like mode Storm, which is a PvEvP mode where players have to try and be the last team standing while obtaining gear from around the map. Another mode is Nightfall, which is an objective based PvE mode reportedly. This mode has players gearing up and trying to extract, however, the difficulty is increased and players need to complete objectives throughout a match to be able to extract, similar to the structure of Rainbow Six Extraction’s individual rooms, it seems. The final mode is Hunt, which is reportedly a PvP mode.

Heartland is a live service or “living game” as the developers call it, meaning that the story will progress with updates over time. The main focus in Heartland is seeing how the Green Poison, also known as the Dollar Flu, has affected small towns across America as opposed to large metropolitan areas like we’ve seen so far in the series.

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