The Finals: Beginners Guide With Tips

The Finals is a fun and frantic shooter with unprecedented levels of destruction for a small-scale, team-based multiplayer game. While The Finals is relatively friendly to beginners, there are a lot of useful mechanics that the game doesn’t tell players. This Finals beginners guide will cover the basics while also giving a few important tips and tricks to ease you into the game.

The basics


  • Light: exceptionally fast but low survivability. Executes hit-and-run tactics. Specializes in stealth and evasion.

Specializations: Grappling Hook, Cloaking Device, Evasive Dash.
Weapons: M11, SR-84, XP-54, Dagger, LH1, SH1900, Sword, Throwing Knives, V9S.
Gadgets: Breaching Charge, Flashbang, Frag Grenade, Goo Grenade, Pyro Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Gas Genade, Glitch Grenade, Motion Sensor, Stun Gun, Thermal Vision, Vanishing Bomb.

  • Medium: excels in mid-range combat. Average health and movement speed. Specializes in healing, scanning, or providing support.

Specializations: Healing Beam, Guardian Turret, Recon Senses.
Weapons: AKM, FCAR, Model 1887, R.357, CL-40, Riot Shield.
Gadgets: Defibrillator, Flash Bang, Frag Grenade, Gas Mine, Goo Grenade, Jump Pad, Pyro Grenade, Sonar Grenade, Zipline, APS Turret, Explosive Mine, Gas Grenade, Glitch Trap, Tracking Dart.

  • Heavy: high survivability. Low movement speed. Specializes in demolition and fortifications.

Specializations: Charge ‘N’ Slam, Goo Gun, Mesh Shield.
Weapons: M60, Sledgehammer, Flamethrower, Lewis Gun, MGL32, SA1216.
Gadgets: Barricade, Flashbang, Frag Grenade, Goo Grenade, Pyro Grenade, RPG-7, C4, Dome Shield, Explosive Mine, Gas Grenade, Pyro Mine.

While all classes have special gadgets, most of the gadgets are shared between the classes, especially when it comes to grenades and mines. Your goal is to make a loadout for your class that is the most comfortable for you. Another good idea for an effective loadout is to think about the synergy between different classes and their skills and make a loadout that compliments each team member.


The Finals is a fast-paced first-person shooter. But what makes it stand out from similar games is a few key unique features that can only be found here. Let’s start with the fact that all objects on the maps are completely destroyable. Any house or structure can be brought down and turned into pebble, provided you have enough firepower to do that. It is incredibly important to keep in mind, and it is a valuable skill to use destruction tactically to your advantage. For example, if you want to reach a Cash-out Station that is on a floor above you, why not just stick a C4 to the ceiling and blow it up? Then, the CashOut Station will fall through the floor and into your hands.

The maps are built as game show arenas where the biggest part is given to the most recognizable part of the city, which is surrounded by a giant sphere with an audience sitting around it. Therefore, as a player, you must always be mindful of your surroundings because if you’re not careful, you could easily fall off the map and die. 



Here’s the full list of maps currently in the game:

  • Seoul: Set amidst the towering skyscrapers of South Korea’s capital, the Seoul map is a bustling urban battlefield. This map is tailored for intense, close-range combat, with the city’s modern architecture providing numerous opportunities for destruction and strategic play. Players must navigate through the dense high-rise buildings, making quick decisions and close-quarter engagements a common occurrence.
  • Monaco: Contrasting Seoul, the Monaco map offers a more open environment set along the iconic streets of the city. With fewer buildings obstructing the view, this map caters to a variety of playstyles, from snipers taking advantage of long sightlines to agile players maneuvering through the city’s luxurious avenues. The map’s design, while open, still maintains the game’s signature destructible elements, allowing for dynamic changes in the battlefield.
  • Las Vegas: Introduced at the game’s official launch, the Las Vegas map immerses players in a setting filled with expansive casinos, intricate underground sections, and a plethora of interiors ripe for destruction. The map’s design emphasizes the need for tactical cover, as the environment can be rapidly altered during combat. Players navigating this map must be cautious of their surroundings, as the flashy and wide-open spaces of Las Vegas can quickly turn into treacherous battlegrounds.
  • Skyway Stadium: This map blends elements of Monaco’s openness with the urban density of Seoul. Featuring a mix of towering office buildings and lower residential areas, Skyway Stadium offers a varied combat experience. Players can traverse between different sections using bridges and jump pads, adding verticality and fast-paced movement to the gameplay. The map’s diverse environment allows for both explosive large-scale battles and more intimate skirmishes.

Map Variations

Each map variation brings a new element or changes the layout of the map, keeping them fresh on each playthrough.

  • Standard Issues – a standard arena, ready for destruction
  • Under Construction – part of the arena is currently under construction
  • Moving Platforms – vaults or cashout stations could be found on platforms moving around the arena
  • Suspended structures – Cashout stations are suspended high above the arena
  • Duck and Cover – the duck mascot crashes part of the arena
  • Up Down Left Right – Cashout stations could be suspended or on the move
  • High Rise – The middle part of the arena is elevated
  • Sandstorm – Swirling sand could drastically reduce visibility
  • Triwires & Turrets – crossing laser tripwires will trigger turrets, but tripwires can be switched off

These dynamic elements will keep the teams on their toes, forcing them to adapt to random elements of the map.

Tips and Tricks

  • While this isn’t particularly set in stone, players should always carry with them one area denial tool (Pyro Grenades, Gas Mines, etc.) and some means to either destroy the environment (C4, Breaching Charge, RPG-7) or help with movement (Jump Pads, Ziplines, Grappling Hook).
  • The best way to defend an objective is to make reaching it as hard as possible for the enemy. Players can do this by blocking pathways with Goo, laying down jump pads behind windows, or placing barricades on chokepoints.
  • Elevator and draw bridge buttons can be triggered from afar by shooting their buttons. This is good for slowing down an escaping enemy or to make your own getaway faster. Players can also get creative with this tactic by raising a bridge and placing a Jump Pad on the inclined surface so they can sail toward the opposite direction more quickly than usual.
  • Players can pick up and throw the many colored tanks, barrels, and canisters found all over the map to gain an advantage. On PC, this can be done by pressing F and left-clicking to launch. However, launching an explosive tank or flame barrel this way is a little tricky to use since they take a few seconds to detonate after making contact with a surface.

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