The Finals: Best Build for Each Class

There are three distinct classes in The Finals Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each class brings something unique and necessary to a squad. In this The Finals build buide are what we think to be the best builds.

The Builds

It’s also worth noting that you should always priorities building a well-rounded team over playing as your favourite build. A team of three Lights may sound fun, but you’ll be at a disadvantage compared to other teams that have split their squad across all three.


  • Specialization – Cloaking Device
  • Weapon – XP-54
  • Gadgets – Frag Grenade, Stun Gun, Glitch Grenade

As you have less health, the Cloaking Device will offer you an extra layer of protection as you dip out of view to avoid incoming fire and make a clean escape. It will also allow you to get the drop on other players for ambushes.

The XP-54 has a very short time-to-kill and comes with a scope to help keep a bit of distance between you and people trying to run down your small health pool. If you’re a dab hand with accuracy, the V9S pistol is also a great choice.

The Stun grenade and Glitch grande also help even the odds by confusing enemy players and making them easier to kill as you dance around them. The good o’ Frag grenade is great for room clearing and destruction too.


  • Specialization – Healing Beam (or Guardian Turret if already have a healer)
  • Weapon – AKM
  • Gadgets – Gas Mine, Defibrillator, Jump Pad

If you want to be most effective as a Medium class character, you simply need to use the Healing Beam. It’s arguably the single most useful tool in all of The Finals, and with good positioning and communication, a team with a Healing Beam will always handily beat an evenly matched enemy team without a Healing Beam. Similarly, the Defibrillator is such an astonishingly fast-acting revive, it is all but essential for any Medium loadout in the game at the moment.

If you already have a healer, the Guardian Turret will offer up some extra firepower and act as a distraction as it bogs down other squads. The Gas Mine can be placed at the Cash Out Station when you’re defending it to keep other players away from it.

The AKM has low recoil compared to other Assault Rifles such as the FCAR which is great for shooting at longer ranges and controlling your shots in the fast-paced and hectic destructible map.

Jump Pads are a reliable way to move around and are much faster than taking the stairs. Rubble can be hard and slow to traverse so simply throwing yourself over a destroyed building is far more efficient.


  • Specialization – Mesh Shield
  • Weapon – SA1216
  • Gadgets – Explosive Mine, RPG, Dome Shield

The SA1216 shotgun was one of the most overpowered weapons in the game and still is since it got nerfed in the 1.4.0 patch. It’s ideal for close-quarters combat in buildings as they crumble down around you and will make short work of enemies. The RPG is great for longer-range engagements – especially countering snipers as it will destroy the room they are in or the wall they are behind forcing them to move but it too has seen a slight nerf. The explosive mine will help keep the Cash Out station in your squad’s grasp for as long as possible. C4’s lethality has been increased by the 1.4.0 patch too so you can swap out to this to experiment.

Our reasoning is that the Mesh Shield acts as protection for your team they can sit behind you and shoot (like Reinhardt in Overwatch). It has had its health debuffed a little but it still provides vital cover.

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