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The Social Network actually made me like Mark Zuckerberg

Okay, okay, not to say I enjoy him being a jerk, but The Social Network did well to portray his personality as a transparent enigma. There’s a real chill spark to him, both in his deceptive yet appealing nature. As an INTJ LVEF personality type, it’s clear he’s detached from others. It’s not that he doesn’t necessarily understand them, he’s just too straightforward. This leads others to the assumption he’s trying to insult or play them. Whereas Mark is just hyper goal oriented. So he’s disregard anyone and everyone who gets in his way, without it necessarily being personal.

This type of personality, as portrayed by The Social Network that he has an idealistic belief yet a core logical belief. This is why he’s so reserved and unfazed. Yet he’s extremely driven and will take matters into his own hands.

Mark Zuckerberg Redeems The Social Network

But by the end, Mark is explicitly made to realize that he is pure, but his action don’t always come across as such. And this helps him be more aware of his narcissistic ways, helping him to be more human. The Social Network didn’t just win its Academy Awards over this great idea. But its accolades relied on its actors acting human. Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield did a terrific job of not only portraying their relationship as friends, but more so expressing the dynamic that led to their rift.

The reason I end up liking Mark is because despite his slimy, shady nature, he wears his intelligence on his sleeve. Of course the movie is rapid and to the point, but every decision he took was to push his goal. But the funny part is that he gave his friend a chance. He could have taken a loan, found investors, but he just thought he’d give his friend a chance.

Another reason The Social Network is interesting is due to its interesting tipping point right before the social wave we currently live in. A lot of the discussion was an apprehension to what could go wrong, and some did. The ideas being stolen was a big thing. But it also cement the understanding that ideas need to be executed on. Mark defines what it means to invent. It’s to put ideas into action. It’s not whining about something slipping away and sue others for it. Sure, Mark could have been ethical, but that isn’t who he is. Mark is someone who had to be him. If he failed, it was okay, as he’d fail himself. But he had to fail in the social game before he could truly rise to be who he became… more human.

Mark is interesting because he understands opportunity and will never settle on less. This means he was okay with annoying running the company with him as he wasn’t in it for the money. So his friend was an easy choice. The problem is that his friend was never good at business. So Mark new where else to get his funding for his goal. It’s his goal that comes first. But this is where the misunderstanding takes place, his friends believes the company is becoming less him. Was Mark ignorant and fishy? Sure. Did his friend need to be react in such a way? Not really. But what really expresses their dynamic is that they were both trying to be genuine in their own ways.

As an online persona, the Zucc has always been an alien enigma. But The Social Network changed that. It doesn’t take away his obvious reserved and detached nature, but it sheds some light on his intentions. When the ego wants its way, it reveals its voice.

But I like Mark for his ability to do but eventually also understand. The scene at the beginning was a misunderstanding. But it was an honest exchange of view points. It’s easy to see why Mark could be being rude. And it makes sense why Mark would feel so attacked for a break-up over his honesty. People like Mark do have a big ego, but they have an even greater core logical lens on the world. This can make them highly detailed but also sarcastic. It’s this witty yet volatile expression that keeps Marks likeable. He may not be likeable to most, but there’s a lot more perspective to him now. But by the end, he’s made to realize that there’s a lot more than just himself. That he can pay the money. That he should use his creation for some innocent, selfish purpose too. It’s the process to being a human.

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