Warfame: Tenet Glaxion Endgame Build

One of of the newest editions to our Tenet arsenal this endgame Tenet Glaxion build is great for clearing mobs and will easily carry you through steelpath.

Build Summary

The Build

The Tenet Glaxion is the Tenet variant of the Glaxion Cold beam. In addition to being a direct upgrade, the Tenet Glaxion’s beam has gained the ability to chain between multiple enemies. We choose the Radiation bonus as it is neutral against most defense types, adds a layer of crowd control, and performs very well against some of the new Murmur units which are weak to it. The weapon has low crit chance, that’s why Galvanized Scope will push this weapon to its limit (124% at max stack). As enemies will be slowed down by cold procs, it will be easier to make headshot kills to be able to sustain Galvanized Scope.
However a Bane mod can be used instead of Galvanized Scope. The damage output won’t be as high as with Galvanized Scope at maxed stack but it could be more reliable.

We build for Corrosive with two 90s to min-max the damage output. As this weapon has innate Cold, we’ll use Primary Frostbite for Crit damage and Multishot bonuses. Galvanized Aptitude will add status chance and is the only mod to increase the base damage multiplier. As we have 3 different type of status, [Galvanized Aptitude] will provide 240% damage at max stack.

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