Warframe: An Ever Evolving Story

Warframe, developed by Digital Extremes, has been a massive success since its initial release in 2013. As the game evolves and new content is introduced, the future of Warframe’s story promises to be a thrilling journey into uncharted cosmic territories. After the completion of The New War players have been wondering who the new threat to the Sol system will be. In this article, we’ll explore potential directions the game’s narrative may take, based on existing lore and the developer’s penchant for surprises.

A new narrative saga

Eternalism is a theory of time. First introduced in a flashback during The New War, the Operator learns about the Theories of Time in a “Temporal Axioms” lecture aboard the Zariman Ten Zero taught by Euleria Entrati. It is basically the Warframe equivalent of a multiverse, which is why we have a young operator from a reality where the Zariman children were saved and an older Drifter from a reality where they weren’t saved and grew older in the void. After completing the story of The New War and The Duviri Paradox it’s clear that both these stories took place simultaneously and combine after The New Wars prologue mission. We have plenty of quests in the normal star chart one thing Digital Extremes has yet to expand upon is the lore of the void and the mysterious Man in the wall. Maybe one likely place the new story could take us is deeper into the void in search for answers after The Man in the Wall who has been hinted to be quite active and present is Duviri’s past.

The Man in the Wall


The Man in the Wall is a mysterious enigmatic being associated with the Void, often taking the form of your operator when they appear before you. First appearing during The War Within, they have a more prominent appearance during Chains of Harrow, revealing them to be a potential threat that few anticipated. Now that The New War has ended and the Duviri Paradox resolved The Man in the Wall has been hinted to be the new major threat to our Tenno. If you look around carefully you can find snippets of lore within Duviri, on how it used to be far larger with numerous floating islands, but they were cast adrift in the void for one reason or another, but many of the more mysterious disappearances have been attributed to The Man in the Wall. And the most obvious clue was their appearance at the very end of The New War, speaking in eldritch tongues to our operator.

As of now so little is known about The Man in the Wall it’s hard to guess where the narrative might go. The Man in the Wall until now has done nothing to overtly harm us, but many characters in the story believe he is dangerous. Maybe at the new TennoCon we get more information on the new major quest.

The Tao System


Before The New War and Duviri, the most likely answer to the question of what is the future of Warframe’s narrative would have been The Tao system. Tao is the system the Sentients were sent to, to terraform it for Orokyn lives and as far as we know many Sentients are still on Tao. The Zaramon was the colony ship sent to Tao through the void but was lost. Maybe After The Man in the Wall issue is resolved we can fix the Zaramon and head to the Tao system. This could introduce new planets, biomes and allow endless creativity from DE.

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