Warframe: Dex Nikana Red Crit Build

The newest editions to one of the most beloved weapon types this Dex Nikana build will let you live out your ninja fantasies and paint your screen with red damage numbers numbers.

Red Crit Build

The Build

This build originally costs 2 Forma; an additional 2 Forma are needed to fit in Dreamer’s Wrath, and if you have Melee Animosity too, then you will just wipe everything on heavy attacks. If you haven’t obtained these yet, then you will unlock them once you complete the Whisper in the Walls quest and gain sufficient Cavia standing. Melee Arcanes such as Melee Exposure work well too, used in moderation with status weighting on Slash, and Melee Duplicate only functions in yellow critical and not in orange or red critical. This build can become even more insane with Roar or Eclipse since the multiplicative damage double dips for twice the damage with the over-100% status chance bleed. Also, consider equipping Xata’s Whisper instead, so long as you are using a faction mod beforehand since faction mods quadruple dip inside void bubbles. This means that Xata’s Whisper with 30% faction mods is equivalent to a 60% Roar, and with 55% it is equivalent to an 110% Roar. Furthermore, you can consider equipping an Arcane Avenger and an Adarza Kavat to obtain Tier 4 Red Critical. Also, you can use a warframe ability that give out critical chance, or Gladiator Vice instead of Life Strike, or even equip other Gladiator mods on your warframe to push this build into Tier 5 Red Crit Terrorism.

Ideally paired with Arcane Strike, Arcane Fury, or Arcane Avenger for maximum DPS, if you have to make a choice, then Arcane Strike is better than Arcane Fury if you are priming Condition Overload Stacks. Arcane Avenger is better than Arcane Strike if you already have some attack speed; without any attack speed, Arcane Strike is better than Arcane Avenger.

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