Warframe: Kuva Sobek Build for Saryn

One of of the newest editions to our Kuva arsenal this Kuva Sobek build is meant to be used with Saryn making an already op frame even more broken.

Acid SHells Build

The Build

This is a build specifically to be used with Saryn’s Toxic Lash + Full strip with spores. This is because by itself, Acid Shells isn’t very good in Steel Path, as it currently ignores SP modifiers and scales off the max health of a non-SP enemy (i.e. it is 2.5x weaker than advertised in SP). Also while Acid Shells scales with HP, it deals corrosive + blast damage in AOE which require full armor strip to be effective. When used with Saryn however, Acid Shells is capable of inducing a chain reaction that can spread across an entire map. When an enemy is killed with Toxic Lash active, Acid Shells will deal 450 corrosive damage + 45% HP blast damage in a 15m radius, and each enemy hit will have a toxin DoT created that scales off the Acid Shells damage. If this new enemy hit subsequently dies from the Toxin DoT, it will create another Acid Shells explosion centered on this new enemy. As long as enemies stand within 15m of each other, this chain reaction can spread across a map.

The Progenitor type is completely optional since it does not affect Acid Shells or Toxic Lash. You could do Toxin which is the most flexible element (allows you to run Viral/Corrosive/Toxin on a non-Acid Shell build), Electric (allows easy swapping between Corrosive, Radiation, Viral Electric) or even Magnetic (gives free extra element for Galvanized Savvy and doesn’t mess with elemental combinations).

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