Warframe: Protea Prime Blaze Artillery Build

Protea Prime is the latest and greatest prime frame in Warframe. This Warframe Protea prime build will detail a build for one of her most famous abilities Blaze Artillery to add new life to this prime release.

The Build

The Build

This build uses Tempest Barrage as an AOE armor strip. Fairly easy and simple to use, cast Tempest Barrage in an area with enemies and then spam your turrets and watch as everything disappears from your screen without you having to use your weapon or think.


Tempest Barrage (subsume over 4)

  • Scales with all the stats you want for Protea
  • AOE armor strip
  • Wont need to be constantly casting it like other armor strip abilities


  • 2 Emerald shards – for Max Corrosive Stacks (Tauforged not needed)
  • 2 Tauforged crimson – Ability Duration
  • 1 Tauforged Amber – Casting Speed


  1. Spawn in and place your Dispensary
  2. Spam your held down 1 Shield Satellites (best to swap toggle for Protea in settings for easier spam) to give shields to you and your team.
  3. Now your Blazing Artillery is very strong with Archon Vitality but with Tempest Barrage with Viral Tempest AOE armor strip allows for the Blazing Artillery to melt through enemies. The 2 Emerald Shards allow for Tempest Barrage to fully armor strip while your Blazing Artillery mow down any enemy in sight.
  4. Set up turrets and cast Tempest Barrage over the area you want your turrets to cover


Duration is one of Protea’s most important stats in my opinion. It lengthens Blazing Artillery, Grenade Fan, Dispensary and Tempest Barrage. Overall affecting
her entire kit. With the help of her shield satellites molt efficiency will always be up. As well as the 2 Tauforged Crimson Shards adding to [Protea]‘s overall duration.

Protea is a very cast heavy frame. You will be casting multiple blazing artillery turrets that last a short period of time. Having a 100% efficiency will allow you to spawn in and place your dispensary right away as well as, spam your abilities mainly your 1 and 2.

High range is a understated stat, with high range your Blaze Artillery can cover an entire room or hallway. High range also help with Shrapnel Vortex grenades area. All in all having a high range is quality of life.

Strength is used for shield gain, Blaze Artillery damage, extra drop chance from Dispensary and damage conversion. Protea does not require an absurd amount of strength but its very nice to have. Her passive allows for every 4th ability cast to have 100% extra strength, very handy and nice in other builds and not super important for this one as you are using Tempest Barrage for damage only for status. With that being said the higher the strength the more damage your Blaze Artillery will do and the more shield you will gain from shield satellites.

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