Warframe: Protea Prime Build Guide

Protea Prime is the latest and greatest prime frame in Warframe. This Warframe Protea prime build will detail a build for one of her lesser used abilities to add new life to this prime release.

The Build


General Use Protea build with highly active playstyle utilizing her entire kit with a focus on Temporal Anchor, with Shield Satellite for shield gating/restore, Shrapnel Vortex for minor crowd control, Blaze Artillery for damage, dispensary for energy restoration and ammo recovery and finally Temporal Anchor for armor strip/grouping/nuking/i-frames.

Temporal Anchor is an often under-estimated ability that actually has multiple useful effects:

  1. Scaling Nuke: It stores damage dealt (25% per instance of damage) with no limit, meaning if you deal enough damage to enemies with a combination of weapons and Blaze Artillery, you can potentially hit damage cap and deal this same amount of damage in a 35+m radius (line of sight) upon ending.
  2. Status Cleanse: Casting 4 initially gives 3s of i-frames and ending 4 gives free status cleanse (effectively a Rolling Guard).
  3. Grouping: Ending 4 creates an implosion effect that ragdolls and groups enemies in a big radius (15m at base), but dependent on line of sight.
  4. Rewind: Any energy or ammo spent during the anchor is refunded upon rewind. Note, since dispensary exists, this is actually NOT a very useful thing since you also LOSE any energy/ammo gained via dispensary during the anchor period. This means it is ideal to cast 4 only while at max energy and to cast as much as possible without picking up any orbs before rewinding. This may require you to establish a ‘dispensary zone’ that is not in the same location as where you plan on using anchor/rewind.
  5. Extra Life: Taking lethal damage during the anchor causes you to lose health to 5% max but regain shields to initial levels.
  6. Armor Strip: The Temporal Erosion augment allows any damage via 1 or 2 to strip armor. The speed of armor strip can occur quite rapidly if casts of 1 and 2 are stacked, and has very few of the limitations of other armor strip subsumes (i.e. does not need excessive strength like pillage, works on acolytes/demolysts unlike terrify/fireblast, technically has insane range matching the range of Blaze artillery which is approximately 70m at 235% range, works basically passively).

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