Warframe: Top 5 Beginner Builds

Are you tired of dying in Warframe? Do you want to feel like a badass space ninja who can take on any challenge? Do you want to impress your friends with your awesome skills and gear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck.  We have compiled a list of the top 5 beginner builds in this Warframe beginners guide that will help you get started on your journey in Warframe. These builds are easy to obtain, effective in combat, and fun to play.


As this is a beginner focused guide you can expect to have all these mods and Warframes within your first 100 hours. None of these builds require any forma, so no long term grinding is required and some don’t even require an Orokyn reactor. So let’s get going



Probably your very first Warframe and your first time build crafting. What most new players do in the beginning is simply slap on whatever mods they get their hands on or rely on the auto modding feature because they have no clue what scales with what and which results in them getting slapped around for a very long time until they finally figure things out. This build is incredibly basic and simply focuses on giving the newbie a bit of survivability with the Vitality mod and using the Steel Charge aura mod for more melee damage as this early in the game your melee is the only thing that’ll be doing worthwhile damage. Intensify is there for Excalibur’s 4th which is also a melee, but being an ability can also scale with ability strength.



Most new players second Warframe and a damn good frame at that. Another 0 forma build that requires no reactor. Rhino is a tank frame and relies on his 2nd ability Iron Skin to do the heavy lifting which scales with Intensify, but his 3rd ability Roar is a great support ability for buffing all kind of damage. Steel Fiber is there to double-dip into armor for the tank gameplay. You can replace Steel Charge in the aura slot if you use melee more or keep Rifle Amp for more primary damage.



A must have frame if you are struggling with defense or excavations. Frost has seen a bit of a resurgence lately but in endgame he is used more for his armor stripping and crowd control. In early game players use his 3rd ability to cheese missions where its is required to stay stationary in a single place for an extended period of time. As before Intensify is there to increase the tankiness of his 3rd and vitality/Steel Fiber to provide him with surviability.



By now you understand the basics of build crafting and have more resources so this is the first complete build. Volt is an electricity based caster frame. He is highly versatile and can carry you even through endgame if built right. Being a caster Volt is reliant on energy thus we have a fully ranked up Streamline and Energy Siphon in the aura. Other than that Intensify and Auger Secrets for the increase in ability strength as all his abilities scale with it. This build should also carry you through the midgame easily.



The only build that you can even take in Steel Path in this Warframe beginners guide. If you are having any trouble with survivability this build is for you, the ultimate noob crutch build that will let you stay invisible pretty much forever using Loki. Maximizing Ability Efficiency at the expense of Ability Duration is more effective than not. With it on this build, Invisibility lasts for 26.52 seconds and costs 12.5 Energy per cast. While under the effects of Invisibility you will regenerate 15.912 Energy thanks to Energy Siphon, functionally allowing you to continue casting Invisibility for as long as you’d like. On the other hand, without it Invisibility lasts for 33.72 seconds and costs 35 Energy per cast. While under its effects you will regain 20.232 Energy. Unlike the build with it, this means that you run an Energy deficit every time you cast.

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