Warframe: Whispers in the Walls Mission and Boss Guide

Whispers in the Walls is final update for Warframe in 2023. It takes place in an elaborate secret lab under the Entrati household in Deimos. The new area boasts two brand-new tile sets with two new enemy factions, and a new syndicate with its own hub node. In the same vein as Angels of the Zariman, this new Warframe update will feature six new nodes with three new game modes. This Warframe Whispers in the Walls Guide will guide you through these new mission types and a new secret boss encounter.

New GameModes


The following are the new game modes you can play after beating the Whispers in the Walls questline.


Alchemy, also known as Crucible, is a new endless game mode. This mode is conceptually similar to the ability design of the Lavos Warframe, featuring a crucible where you can concoct various alchemical combinations with the elements. The game mode revolves around defending the crucible and furthering Albrecht Entrati’s scientific experiments. During the process, enemies will drop elemental grenades that you can either use against them aggressively or toss into the crucible for the greater good of science. It may pay better rewards for successfully chaining specific mixtures in the crucible during each wave.


Netracells is a take on the idea of Corrupted Dragon Keys useable in derelict Orokin spaceship nodes in Deimos. Instead of equipping crafted Dragon Keys in the inventory, you can choose Netracells, which will feature Keyglyphs you can pick up in the mission. Keyglyphs confer certain burdens on you, such as debuffs to movement speed. Players in a squad may coordinate who will pick up which burden, while solo players will be forced to carry up to four Keyglyphs for a successful run. The idea is to open up the Entrati labs and look for designated Netracell vaults. The right vault will only open with a specific Keyglyph, and vaults may also house hidden artifacts coveted by a certain Cephalon, who will reward you for it. This will also lead to a new way to obtain one Archon Shard every week.


Swarm is a variant of the Assassination mission added in Whispers in the Walls. Players will be tasked with taking down the new Fragmented One boss and must be involved in the defense of an ‘all-seeing eye’ against swarms of the new Murmur faction. The Fragmented One, which is the first new boss added since the Ropalolyst in 2019, can turn into several variants. The upcoming Clan Operation in the holidays, Gargoyle’s Cry, will be contextualized around the Swarm game mode.

How to Access the Secret Boss


The first step towards unlocking the secret version of the Fragmented One fight is to complete the Whispers in the Walls questline, which will unlock multiple new nodes around Deimos. After that you have to access the Steel Path version of the Effervo node, which is where the Assassination mission is located. The mission has players collecting 30 murmur eyes before heading towards the boss fight, but part of Fibonacci’s dialogue hints at something more: “Press the attack now, if you keep searching I cannot be responsible for what horrors the Vitreum may find”. If players ignore the red waypoint and instead continue collecting Murmur eyes, the counter will show up again still counting 30/30, but it will keep track of your score until 60/30. Upon collecting the 60 eyes, players get more dialogue from Fibonacci, which indicates that everything was done correctly.

Players are now free to tackle the Fragmented One boss fight, which is insanely harder than the regular version. Most attacks from the boss can kill you instantly, so it’s recommended to pick a Warframe that can cheat death or has excellent survivability. The reward for killing this super-powered version of the boss is the Manus Sumdali, a unique landing craft decoration that looks like a pair of disembodied hands.

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